Top 10 Earning Tips for Young Adults in the US

Passive income source in the US

Today we will discuss how to earn smart and fast to fulfill your all basic and weekend needs in teenage life because when you are staying in the US you need to be independent and find a way to remove some burden from your parents. It is common in America, for parents to ask kids to take self-care and start finding valid ways to earn money even before completing school and proudly kids struggle from McDonald’s to other QSR outlets as interns.

financial tips for teens

But that’s not the whole bunch or only way there are many ways where you can earn money and you can become financially independent before completing your school and definitely, it will give you sleepless nights but a longer enjoyable life.

Here are our top 10 financial tips for young adults in the US, these tips are also fit for those who are turning 15 & 16, so let’s become financially independent before you turn 20;

1 Documentation Skill:

Businesses & start-ups are looking for high-quality paperwork and documentation support but it is hard to hire executives for this job because most of the work is 1 time task to set up the documents. Big industries are appointing interns for this job and other small organizations are outsourcing such work to freelancers. Hence, to get hired by such agencies you need to have below skills;

  • Error-free business language and communication skills, Remember that speaking English is not everything in the world Even Americans’ English is not error-free but it is grammar-less. Hence, improve your business writing skills.
  • Learn to write and design business templates like case studies, proposals, invoices, and presentations.
  • Learn to prepare data from stories.
  • Get policy writing and review skills.
  • Learn to draft business contracts, NDAs, proposals, and minutes.

These skills will help you to get a job as a virtual assistant or you can work directly from freelancer networks.

2 Pet care:

If you are an animal lover then this job is just entertaining for you but you need to have a few skills like;

  • Learn about breed categories.
  • Learn about breed foods.
  • Learn about animal diseases.
  • Know public & government compliances on pets.
  • Get knowledge about animal insurance.

After having such comprehensive knowledge of animals you can set up your own animal care hub or you can give service to your clients.

3 Tech set-up expert:

If you are a good computer science student or love technologies and have enough knowledge about domestic-level devices and technologies then you can easily earn good cash as your side hustle but you need to brush these skills:

  • Computer format.
  • Microsoft installation.
  • Back-up & recovery.
  • Router set-up.
  • Wireless connection setup.

You market your skills on social media community or traditional distribution will help you, and you can also ask for recommendations from your friends and family.

4 Blogging:

Yes! And I’m serious, don’t even think too many bloggers are there and that’s why opportunity is closed, no It is not like that, but for sure competition is high because quality content is very less. If you can deliver the best content on your blogging website then for sure you will be able to generate high-level side income, but I’ll recommend you start high-paying topics of Google AdSense, here is a list of high-paying adsense topics;

  • Write financial content and give tips on earning, saving wallet, and money updates.
  • Write a fin-tech blog to share information about the latest financial technologies.
  • Share education on SEO and digital marketing.
  • Write insurance content.
  • Make a technology blog.
  • Write a blog on marketing & advertising.

5 Make a tool:

Yes! When you can earn money from traffic and Google Adsense then making a tool that serves daily base requirements is the best idea, because people are searching for such tools on the internet for daily use, tools like;

  • PDF Editor.
  • Background removal.
  • Doc converter.
  • Pixel Editor.
  • Image compressor.

Such tools can increase your daily Adsense income drastically.

6 Learn digital marketing:

This idea should be the number one option, anyway. Today internet world and marketing are not possible without digital marketing and once you have command of it, you can leverage your career at any age, I will strongly recommend you follow these tips;

  • Get strong knowledge of advertising and learn strategy.
  • Learn about purchased media like Facebook ads & Google ads etc.
  • Learn SEO, SEO is one of the highest-paying virtual side hustles where you can earn a minimum of USD 200 to USD 500 for a single keyword.
  • Learn to manage social media accounts, and you can get a job to manage profiles from influencers to companies.
  • Learn to launch an e-mail marketing campaign, people are looking for a suitable person.
  • Learn to design digital content & e-mail templates.
  • Learn ASO (App Store Optimization), it is the highest quality job with high pay.
  • ORM (online reputation management).

7 Build community:

Today America is the most happening country in the world, From politics to business and entertainment all industries want to promote content organically and want quick views and feedback from the audience. Hence, building an online community is the best idea, for example;

  • Facebook page, Create a Facebook page and try to get followers, After that, you can charge for a post or you can monetize it, the same is available with X account (Twitter).
  • Make a newsletter community, If you believe you can write a better newsletter based on social & political issues then make a landing page with a subscriber box, and grow your subscriber list with a premium subscription.
  • Create a YouTube channel upload unique content, and create your plan to become a social media influencer of fashion, tech, or review products, etc.

8 Build mobile application:

If you have strong ASO skills then you can also promote your own mobile app. Today internet users are installing many mobile applications like, chat, workout, cooking, teaching, beauty tips, scanners, etc, You can also make such an easy-to-use application, and with a high volume of installation, you will be able to generate massive revenue from ads.

9 Content writer:

Businesses can influence and engage users only with better explanations and information, which is only possible with awesome and easy-to-understand content, but there are many types of content writing, I would prefer you to get skilled with the below category in writing;

  • Terms and policy writing.
  • Tech writing.
  • Finance writing.
  • Medical writing.
  • Copywriting.

These writing skills are capable of opening new doors for you.

10 Spoke personality

Yes! That’s really amazing and hot internet sensation of this era, and it doesn’t require any certification from anywhere. Spoke personality skills can land you to lavish lifestyle as well as it can become a massive income source for your life, of course in America you can get many opportunities to start your career in fields like;

  • Speaking for an event or hosting an event.
  • Video Speech correction expert.
  • Storyteller.
  • Video presenter.
  • YouTuber.
  • Motivational speaker.
  • News presenter.
  • etc.

But, you need to work on yourself to improve this skill with the below practice;

  1. Start reading newspapers and get knowledge about current issues and speak on it with your friends and family by expressing your thoughts.
  2. Use a mirror to correct your body language and facial expression.
  3. Work on your voice, vocabulary, and pronunciation.
  4. Record your video to learn overall hamming, speaker, and pausing methods.


All the above skills are based on self capacity, you never require a certificate or approval from any organization to get work. But getting experience and confidence is a matter of time, dedication, and belief.

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