dyavol x luxury streetwear brand

The kid has received overwhelming responses from all over the world and media houses for his luxury streetwear brand Dyavol, from Harper’s Bazaar to Harperr’s Bazaar Arabia, Vogue India, and every leading fashion publication has shared positive and welcoming responses but another debate is flaming on Twitter where netizens are trolling the brand Dyavol as a new reason to sell the kidney to buy the clothes but another fandom zone is supporting and appreciating the launch and success of Aryan Khan Brand Dyavol;

Before going live campaign was well planned with the father & son duo, some sources also say that the ad was directed by Aryan Khan, Aryan Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan shared a promotional video teaser with a super engaging video last week as a first look into the collection. , In the video Aryan Khan was trying to describe his brand with lines but failed to write then father SRK arrived and helped while writing and adding a new design in the logo as a red cross on a blackboard as they built hype over the launch, and here is the response from the buyers;

After going live brand received a tremendous amount of traffic from buyers and the website crashed due to payment gateway failure and technical issues;

The brand ambassador of Dyavol X is SRK and we’ve no doubt that his son’s brand will be successful in a flash but Something that triggers our minds and appreciates in our hearts is that Aryan Khan has chosen a different path to build his career instead of celebrities and star kids who are dancing around Dharma Productions, definitely, Aryan Khan will be trolled because he is getting support from his father but take a moment and ask yourself a simple question, is it bad to meet your father to achieve something?

All the best Aryan!

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