Who is New Gucci, Creative Director?

Who is the New Creative Director of Gucci?

The highest-paid and most popular vacancy has been filled by Italian designer Sabato De Sarno! Gucci has appointed designer Sabato De Sarno as the new creative director after Alessandro Michele, he was also an Italian fashion designer.

Just after the Gucci new creative director, Google has received many searches and questions as to WHY GUCCI CHANGE CREATIVE DIRECTOR?

Well, here we are gonna tell you the reason behind this decision.

“AGREEMENT & DISAGREEMENT is part of life and the world sometimes you agree with the thoughts because you want changes and sometimes you disagree with the thoughts because belief in the consistency of position or don’t appreciate trend”

This is exactly what happened in the world’s most expensive and luxurious fashion house. The CEO of Gucci Marco Bizzarri was planning a new direction for Gucci. According to the source François-Henri Pinault, chairman, and chief executive officer of Kering the parent company of Gucci, was looking to elevate the luxury quotient of Gucci. Sources and wants to implement a more structured organization that is headed by a creative director to shape the new options for the Gucci categories, from beauty to fashion to jewelry.


Those changes don’t fit with the puzzles of Ex. Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele decided to split from the house of Gucci in November 2022.

The Italian Fashion designer Sabato De Sarno was completely out of this league and never approached as the successor of Alessandro Michele, then how Gucci appointed Sabato De Sarno as the new creative director?

The answer is the vast experience and successful creative background of Sabato De Sarno. In his past experience, he already worked with high-luxury brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabba, and Valentino. The CEO of Gucci Marco Bizzarri preferred his name with confidence as said “. “Having worked with a number of Italy’s most renowned luxury fashion houses, he brings with him a vast and relevant experience,”  he said. “I am certain that through Sabato’s deep understanding and appreciation for Gucci’s unique legacy, he will lead our creative teams with a distinctive vision that will help write this exciting next chapter, reinforcing the house’s fashion authority while capitalizing on its rich heritage.”

So what can we expect for the future fashion of Gucci?

Well, nothing is cleared yeh but Sabato De Sarno will launch his design in September 2023 as a collection of Milan Fashion Week

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