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Fashion E-mail Marketing

Every year is a new challenge and opportunity to derive more customers, conversion, and traffic to your online store. Hence, to make your challenges easy we’ve designed a few fantastic e-mail marketing tips perfectly suited for fashion brands in 2023.


The fashion industry is growing, but competition is also becoming healthy due to fashion brands like Fashion Nova, Coda Clothing, Ideanote, Aha Selected, and Brightidea. Hence, staying updated with consumers’ interest likes & dislikes is important even on the internet. Our fashion blog will give you some fabulous and point ideas to design your next fashion e-mail campaign.

Why is it essential to update your newsletter?

Over the years, with generation and lifestyle consumers made a priority of watching selected channels and checking subscribed newsletters even know how to keep their e-mail inboxes clean of spam by unsubscribing from the e-mail list and you should also know what kind of e-mail list you’ve and what kind of e-mail marketing you are doing. Hence, let’s keep going forward with the below points!

Types of e-mail newsletter campaigns:

1. Campaign to generate traffic:

Preferably to generate high traffic for your online store, we will not recommend you to use your own domain or IP address for this campaign but should hire a digital marketing agency.

2. Campaign to build your brand and awareness:

This e-mail marketing campaign is great for staying connected with your users and sharing valuable industry updates, shows galleries, and podcasts. You can handle this campaign with your in-house team’s creativity and by following your marketing calendar.

3. Campaign to generate the conversion:

The simple meaning is increasing your sales and revenue, this e-mail marketing campaign will follow consistency with content, consumer retention ads, wishlist & price drop notification e-mail, etc. Do this with your in-house team only when you have professionals who understand data, data, and digital marketing for fashions. “We will elaborate on these three types of campaigns in our next fashion blog“.

Now, Let’s understand how to design an e-mail template that will make your subscribers open it.

Check-list to design a powerful fashion e-mail template,

1. E-mail Subject line:

Your subject line plays a very significant role in an e-mail campaign especially when you are planning it for fashion marketing or for registered users because users don’t like to waste time reading promotional content or watching product images and descriptions or numbers, you have to make sure that your users get wow factor after watching the subject line and creates curiosity to open it;

Top 10 E-mail Subject Line Example:

In the fashion industry, you have to be very careful with content either you hire professionals who understand fashion consumers or make content that the world is waiting for! but in fashion marketing campaigns, e-mail always gets neglected or mishandled. However, we will help you with that. First, let’s write some subject lines:

  1. Your Forgot Your-Self (fit to explain what designs of cloth are better as per situation, occasion, lifestyle)
  2. Know What They Are Talking About You (Fir to make the user feel that he/she needs to update wardrobe)
  3. Yes You are Right (make customers remember about selected designs in the cart or wishlist)
  4. We Can’t Go Without You (fit for sharing coupon & offer)
  5. You Missed Your Gift (fit for a new customer or for retention)
  6. I Know Your Thoughts (fir for the spring and winter campaign)
  7. You Are Missing The Competition (fit to showcase trend)
  8. I Can See The Future (fit for the new launch and inbound campaign)
1. Write lines that catch the attention
2. Write affirmative points, that trigger to click
3. Subject followed by previous campaign
4. Try to write the subject line with tiny face graphics or icons that makes a user feel important or curiosity like 👍, 📩,📅,🌐,🎯
5. Avoid any sign that makes Gmail your subject about money management, crypto, investment, etc.
1. Disclose everything in 1 line
2. Write the main content
3. Write a decided e-mail topic line
4. Add only letters or letters with too many icons and graphics, which makes e-mail go spam box.
5. Adding transactional or money sign

2. E-mail Body:

In the fashion world from consumers to sellers, people love watching content and relating themselves to the content as it is something that drives the purchase call. Hence, you make sure that you design your e-mail templates with a creative team that understands users’ demand and deliver the same level of content for the email boy.

E-mail Template Content List:

  • Title
  • 25 to 30 words description
  • Small video frame with a play button
  • Click to call action (To Website)
  • Data
  • Product image (try to add half image and make an image clickable)
  • Coupon code
  • Footer

3. Types of Fashion E-mail Template:

New inventory showcase template

fashion e-mail template
Template design source from

Promote your website blogs

fashion e-mail template
Template design source from

Conversion Template

fashion e-mail template
Template design source from

Check out more from mailerlite, I love it.

4. E-mail Personalization:

Remember my philosophy of fashion, “YOU DON’T DEAL WITH CLOTHES, YOU DEAL WITH IDENTITY” Yes, you should never forget that in the fashion business, every piece of clothing tells a story, maybe it is about the person who is wearing it or it is about the person who is designing it, and stories are part of identity and people love when their identity got recognized. Hence, always remember that name is identity, your users will love it when you call them by their name and a salutation before it

5. Modern Salutation in E-mail:

Hi, Hello, Dear. STOP this right now, all these types of email salutations are outdated and irritating. Try some new ways to present your brand, remember you need to give your brand a spirit and voice. Hence, try our way;

  • Hey Buddy,
  • Hi Bro,
  • Hey Pal,
  • Hi Mate,
  • Hey User,

6. Repeat & Retention E-mail Campaign:

Do not just go live and forget about the user, yes every user is important because it gives a brief of your last campaign. I have seen that maximum times people live campaign with new data every month or every week, believe me, such an act will not bring any healthy traffic to your store and not even single-digit conversion but in the end, your domain and IP address will get blacklisted on the internet. Follow the below tips;

  • Use a small amount of data in the beginning, if you have 10k data then kindly select 10% and increase your data consumption after every 10 to 15 days.
  • With the first 1k data, check and try to understand the number of open, click, and not open yet.
  • Create three separate lists in the e-mail software and add accordingly from open, click, and not open yet, and start the retention campaign because open data needs click, click data needs conversion and not open yet requires more healthy subject lines and contents to get the attention.
  • Keep this circulation on and active, these three points are the main part of an e-mail campaign in fashion, neglecting anyone can become a huge loss for you.

7. Data Creates Data:

Remember that, if you are working with a new e-mail list then make sure that your Google tags and cookies and pixels tracking codes are active because these tracking systems will help you in developing a re-marketing and retargeting list. This will help you in the digital marketing campaign for your fashion brand, like showing ads to customers without visiting your store or opening e-mail like the below images;

retargeting ads samples
remarkting campaign samples

8. Compliance Matter:

Remember do not attempt e-mail marketing in a hurry, it can become negative for your online store and brand. If you are planning to become a brand and already invested boom in your online business then make your follow all digital guidelines and laws like:

  • Keep checking your domain & IP reputation online
  • Check spam score from google postmaster
  • Check your e-mail template spam score
  • Verify your data before going live.
  • Don’t purchase contact lists.
  • Signature and footer
  • If possible then avoid using no-reply
  • Must add unsubscribe list URL

Wrapping Up:

We hope our defined 8 points will help you in creating a Fabulous Fashion Newsletter in 2023. Your newsletter and your e-mail marketing campaigns are key to knocking on your customer’s door with great messages and motivation. Hence, always try to play safe and insightful, so maximizing the use of insight and determining list will create an effective approach. Research your audience’s likes, dislikes, location, target, and last action, and understand what kind of campaign is actually good for you and for your brand.

Let’s create a great impact with a newsletter for your fashion brand in 2023.

All the best.

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