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From wearing a hot yet modest dress to vintage with a taste of chic, we have always got you all covered with amazing styles. Every time we have come up with something that sounds and looks mind-boggling.  

Today as well, we have brought for you an amazing and in-demand trend which is known as Hoodies under blazers. This might sound a bit creepy, but when you wear this look, you are surely going to fall in love with it. 

Falls here, and you are probably already busting out that outwear. But we are still seeing guys wearing hoodies plainly. Here, we are going to show you ways to step up your hoodie game so you can look more clean, stylish, and more polished than the guy next door.

” Heres all that you should know about this look. Hoodies Under Blazers | An Unexpectedly Amazing Revolution In Fashion

A hoodie under a blazer? Are you serious? Well! Yes, we are. You might never have thought of this combination even in a million years. This trend has left everyone open-mouthed, and the same will happen to you after exploring this fashion in greater detail. Believe us; its going to be amazing.

Since its introduction, a hoodie under the blazer has kept trending. On the one hand, the people are so obsessed with this look; then, on the other hand, some are facing problems while wearing this outfit. 

Here, we will guide you from A to Z. So, keep reading to explore more. Is Pairing Hoodie With A Blazer Really Worth It?

If you are looking for a combo of a fashionable and casual outfit, nothing can be better than a hooded blazer look, your hoodie can go very well with a full suit. So, this is definitely more like a leisure play on with the suit. Its a great way to dress down your suit, of course, with a hoodie and sneakers. This is also a great travel outfit if you do not wish to pack a suit but just want to wear it on the go.

How Should I Pair A Hoodie With A Blazer?

To understand How to team up clothes to make a perfect hoodie-blazer look, you need to go through various examples of outfits. So lets not waste another second and dive deeper into the ideas for a perfect hoodie-blazer look.

2 Easy Ways To Dress Perfectly In A Hoodies Under Blazers Outfit!

There are two ways we want to show you that this look works. All right! Lets jump onto it.

The first is by going into your own closet and finding a hoodie in a neutral colour like white, grey, and black. Then, you are required to pair that over a Blazer that can also have a casual look to it. Well! A textured blazer can also work well as you might be unwilling to pair it underneath a blazer thats silk or very dressy or elegant.

Another option is to find someone who is already designed a hoodie that comes inside a blazer. This one easily zips in and out, and it also reduces the headache of finding a perfect pair.

In case you wish to go with the first option, you can consider the following ideas:

    • Wearing a navy-coloured blazer over a navy-coloured hoodie is the number one iconic look we suggest you wear. When it comes to the bottom, you can carry khaki-coloured denim. This look is supposed for plans like eating out or similar events that are not super formal. Follow it with sneakers or formal shoes accordingly.

    • Dark slacks with a dark hoodie and a charcoal wool blazer matches perfectly. Also, do remember, your hoodie should be comparatively fitter and lighter to ensure a sleeker look. Tuck, your hoodie in, wear a fancy belt, and you are good to go.

Do And Do nots Of Hoodies Under Blazers

Sometimes to make ourselves look different and more iconic, we overdo some stuff. It’s natural, and things like this can be prevented. All you need to do is read the below points and keep them in mind.

    • Always buy a hoodie one size smaller than your usual size if you wish to wear a tapered fit look and not look bulky.

    • Find a heavy blazer or an overcoat that has a blazer-like appearance so that your hoodie fits perfectly into it. But wearing a pure overcoat with a hoodie is a big NO-NO. The reason being the baggy look that comes out of an overcoat.

    • Try not to expose the hoodie if it is too long or loose from the bottom. The resulting look wont be much appealing. The positive way is to tuck the hoodie in and wear a belt that matches the colour of your shoes.

    • Where on the one hand, your blazer can be a little textured (when looking for a casual outfit), your hoodie should always be solid rather than designs on it.

    • In the bottoms, you can prefer denim or slacks, depending upon the occasion.

    • Avoid wearing bracelets or rings. You can wear a simple wristwatch. Rest, keep it simple because Simple Is Always Sober.

    • Always match the colour of your shoes to that of your belt. Black shoes mean a black belt and a brown belt with brown shoes.

    • Do not prefer a multicoloured hoodie. A single coloured hoodie is always the best.

    • Do not sag your pants. Choose the right cut, size, and tuck your hoodie/t-shirt in. Wear a belt of good fit to prevent sagging.

    • If you wish to look more formal, you can follow your attire with formal shoes; else sneakers are more into a casual appearance. But, both are acceptable in this look.


Hoodie under a blazer is stealing the hearts of many day-by-day. It is one such look that almost none of the fashion freaks might have thought of. But, every outfit has its do & do nots, and similar is the case here. The most common mistakes that people make while grabbing this look are, pairing the regular-sized hoodie with a blazer which gives a bulky look. Hence, prefer a one size small hoodie to look sleeker. Also, do not go too colourful. Try to wear a look in no more than three colours. For instance, if you are wearing a navy blue blazer, wear a navy blue hoodie, khaki pants, and black coloured belt & shoes. Try this outfit once, and you will never regret wearing this.

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