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  • USA: According to the statistic, retail sales in clothing stores in the United States regularly exceed $15 billion monthly!
  • UAE: According to the Statista Market Forecast, 2021 in UAE the revenue of the fashion industry is projected to reach a whopping US$2,337 million in 2021 and grow at an annual growth rate of 11.88% by 2025 to reach a projected market volume of $3,662 million.
  • NDIA: According to Statista data, in the coming years Indian clothing market will hit three Trillion US dollars in the business of retail and clothing.

But this is not how see the market, these numbers relate to all local
sub-standard products, Chinese products, and generic brands.


And such competition can vibrate the brand’s position in the market online as well as
offline. If you are planning your fashion business in 2023 and want a
completely insured fashion marketing cleared path, then these tips are for you:

1.    Keep your brand consistent in fashion marketing with all your efforts.

Consistent is key to success and can help your brand to find out the right audience instead of making it unnecessary viral on the internet.

  • Select your advertising channel rightly, DO NOT CAMPAIGN TRUMP ON LINKEDIN BUT ON TWITTER.
  • Consistent matters but with data, always try to collect the right data for your last campaign and find out the essentials like the most viewed consumers’ age, location, top page, and products view.
  • If you are in the market then don’t die with the cloud of expectations, keep patience and build your doors with steps with the formula of BRAND AWARENESS + ENGAGEMENT + CONVERSION + RETENTION, each implementation can take 3 to 4 months, but success is guaranteed.

2.    Focus on your best sellers and product placement.

Looks real and is happening thing to do in the fashion business, your liquid income circulation is all that you need to keep life as a matter of priority.

·        Follow the trend in your launch but do not play with top-selling products, “Maruti sells the highest car in the world but never forget its 800 and small vehicles”

·        Keep your top-selling products with an average margin in the competition and keep them visible as a badge of honor.

·        Invest in the visibility and engagement of your top sellers and products

3. Invest in your website for the data & behavior tech.

You should always know the WHEN, WHO, WHY-WHAT, and HOW of your business.

·        Use Microsoft analytics and Google analytics as a bible of growth in doing fashion market analysis.

·        Hire a Data specialist to collect the data on consumers behavior on your website

·        Target, re-target, and retain correcting with the campaign.

·        Improve 3-click sales on your website, try to add some better UI &UX, and keep sending Wishlist & cart notifications. Offer lens on the website as a trial of the product.


4. Create social media channels all over and stream your fashion brand like hell & NONSTOP!

Learn to speak about your brand and describe your brand idea to your consumers or hire a public speaker for your brand. I can become the real voice of your brand and will add emotion to your audience.

·        Create your own streaming channel all over the internet and social media like YouTube, IGTV, FBTV etc.

·        Go consistently & organically, work on script and lines with new verbs & words.

·        Make it fashion product knowledge episode series and call experts as guest speakers on topics.

·        Select fashion topics from all over the world and make them unique.

5 . Run a consistent and quality blog on the website & with influencers.

Yes, that’s the internet’s secret sauce, always try to connect with a quality audience with vibrant topics.

·        You can hire or outsource your blog writings but make sure that your topics are phenomenal and follow niche criteria.

·        Hire top blogging influencers to share your blogs

·        Keep the consistency alive like weekly 3 blogs.

·        Do not forget to press-release it

·        Always share your blogs as newsletters to all your users & customers.

6. Show off & sneak peeks of your success.

This can also become the strongest part of the business and will help you to connect your consumers emotionally.

·        Let the consumers know that they are part of your business & success

·        Share your numbers and make your business activities transparent

·        Keep it organic on social media platforms like Meta & YouTube

7. Launch a social fashion contest for all.

A small piece of cake should not affect your plate, try to share it with your users & visitors to your platforms.

·        Yes, you are reading correctly. Offer coupons, cash, or trip whatever is under your budget.

·        This can boost your Fashion brand ORM to the next level and can be a reason for trend on the internet.

·        Offer your fashion products for free to your users and ask for shout-outs from all respective platforms. This can become an easy way to get user-generated content for your fashion business and marketing.

·        When you do it, do it correctly by making it blow all over the internet and also by e-mail marketing.

8. Run paid compelling fashion marketing campaigns.

Be very careful with his step, it can give your billions or can take your millions.

·        First make sure that you have all the channels healthy, ready, and organically well in growth rate in your niche demographic.

·        Be active and vigilant with all tracking codes & pixels with data experts

·        Hold your black coffee tightly with patience and budget

·        Know the benefits of platforms according to your goal and strategy.

·        Divide your budget correctly like a nutritional fact of food.

·        Divide fashion marketing campaigns like stairs, Pre campaign + Post campaign + Retention campaign.

·        Take advantage of ad scheduling. Did you know that for the majority of online marketing campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), you can schedule what time of day and day of the week your ads run? Perhaps you know this but haven’t taken advantage of this feature

·        Test Test, Test and experiment with your fashion marketing content, never run a fashion content campaign without running A/B testing.

·        Your fashion brand needs compelling e-marketing that makes a bridge between you & your brand.

·        Try to achieve all triangles, DATA + Traffic + Conversion.

·Plan holiday campaigns in advance, whether it’s a hyped-up holiday like Christmas or a Hallmark holiday like Valentine’s Day, planning for these seasonal peaks is critical to getting the most sales possible during these busy times. Start planning far in advance with offers, discounts, and coupon codes.

9. Take advantage of the fashion content calendar.

Divide your team & task correctly, do not try to extract all energy from the batter create a calendar with the team and experts who understand the work difference and impact.

  • First, divide your team into two parts paid & organic.
  • Ask the organic media team to create your own fashion content calendar with the topic and platforms and follow like a tony stark arch reactor.
  • Ask your paid media team to create data extraction & analysis weekly by the following calendar.
  • Try to cover all fashion psychology in your content calendar.
  • Try to cover every age, gender, culture, and location in your calendar.

10. Learn to take things online & offline with a marketing strategist correctly.

There are many strategies in the fashion industry of build your fashion brand but understanding the one that fits your business nature is important.

  • Fashion vloggers and influencers start & end with them, keeping the middle in-house.
  • Use Google shopping networks.
  • Use display ad networks more and Target your audience by specific interests through social media marketing
  • Hire experts and creators for guerrilla marketing.
  • Run a local fashion show at a popular place, like a college, university, or city squire.
  • Get involved in a good cause in your offline activity.

This top 10 strategy can spark your fashion brand & can improve the marketing campaign like any other top brand in the market. Our defined fashion marketing efforts will likely lead you to need more clothing in stock, ASAP. Shoppers beware, new brands are coming your way!

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