Heres An Amazing Mens Jewel Guide That will Surely Leave You Stunned!

Jewelry & ornaments are only for women but that’s a taboo developed by society.

Let’s unfold amazing moment for you as you will be exploring one such issue that almost every second man faces. The issue is, How do men wear jewellery? 

Well! Mens jewellery is not just limited to watches and rings. It is much more than that. Men have lockers, chains, earrings, and much more in their jewellery boxes. It is just the way of wearing the jewellery that matters. 

Ah! Not talking more on this, lets hop on to today is topic and explore some of the best styling tips that we personally admire. Also, by the end of this, you will get to explore the do and do not for mens jewellery. 

As always, today also, we have focused on building your confidence through mens fashion and lifestyle choices that are not going to break the bank. So lets get started.

How Should Men Wear Jewellery?

There are three basic things that every man who loves wearing jewellery must-have. They are necklaces, rings, and bracelets.

Straightforwardly, our rule that we did like to suggest to you is either one bold and one minimal or simply two minimal rings per hand.

If you are new to wearing jewellery, you should always start with a simple look. Slowly, you can turn towards a bolder look.


Necklaces are the best part to start with. They are so versatile and they are so easy as you can decide on how visible you want it to be. You can wear it on the outside of your shirt. You can also simply tug it in so that it shows just a little bit from your neckline. 

In terms of style, keeping it minimal is always smart because it grabs attention. You see that the jewellery piece is there but it is not overly bold or in your face. 

Lengthwise, find something that hits you right in the middle of your chest. Eighteen to twenty inches is usually good as you do not want overly long or short (like a choker) because the former ones going to get caught on stuff and the latter one will be uncomfortable. A simple necklace added into a super casual outfit is automatically going to make you look more stylish and more confident. It is just such an intentional thing that you added to your look that can become a part of your everyday casual outfit.

For dressier looks, we always prefer you to go with silver ones because it just pops right off of black. So, just something simple like a black t-shirt, black jeans, and boots is really nice because you see the necklace. Then, if you wanted to add a jacket, you could. Overall, you are going to look really well.


Bracelets are another easy way to improve the style and just increase the intention of your outfit. Same as before, minimal is better because less is more, keep that in mind. 

A silver bracelet with a really clean minimal design can add a lot of extra style to your outfit. You can add it to the previously mentioned outfit. As soon as you start to feel comfortable, you can combine it with the necklace and wear them both at the same time. It is a really nice move. In case it sounds a little bit too much for you, you can skip the necklace part and simply go with bracelets. Wearing a bracelet on its own is perfectly fine. 

Bracelets look classy on dressier outfits because it is going to clasp things up just a little bit as it is just going to show that you put a little bit more effort and thought into what you are wearing. 

Also, guys, do not feel like you always have to wear a watch. Adding in a bracelet instead of a watch is a really simple move but it can also be really impactful.

In terms of the fit of bracelets, keep it so that it is loose enough that you can kind of move it around. You would never prefer a big bracelet that is falling halfway down your hand or so tight that it ca not move at all and hindering your circulation. 


Rings are the thing that most people ask about. They can be a little bit intimidating but sometimes you have to understand how to dip your toe into it. As soon as you understand this, you will be so glad you did. 

The best place to start is a signet style ring. It is bold and makes a statement but it is also extremely classic. This one is the ring that men have been wearing for decades. We would suggest starting by getting one for your right ring finger. When you adapt to this, gradually you can start switching your fingers. 

For all those who feel the signet style to be a bit too bold, you can try a band style instead. It is less noticeable but still gives that minimal style boost to all of your outfits.

When it comes to wearing a combination, you should always prefer one bold and one minimal or two minimal rings per hand. This combination can work on any kind of mens outfit.

When you have no experience, spend money on something that is actually going to be put on your body. Hence, you will be able to reap the benefits of feeling confident. It can make you feel the beauty of good quality jewellery as it is going to last for a long time and you are going to be able to start building memories with it. You will be able to remember, Oh yeah! I did that one really cool thing when I was wearing my necklace or my ring. It is very fun to start cataloguing different things because you are just wearing this stuff on such a regular basis.

Do And Do nots In General

1. Omit jewels carrying brand tags on it: Until your motto is to impress others with your status symbols instead of your intelligence, wit, or charisma, avoid carrying jewellery that reflects excessive branding or that is super splashy.

2. Avoid wearing too many accessories at a time: We always advise you to look into the mirror and then eliminate one ornament. A common myth among people is, More jewels, more decent. But, when you come into actuality, you will acknowledge that a small portion of a minimalistic look can really benefit. So, if you have one big bold ring or signature cuffs, follow the rest really de-emphasized. You can wear a heavy one on one hand and a minimalistic ring on the other. Remember, an overly big ring with an overly big watch is a big NO-NO.

3. Choose your jewellery in the right proportions: If you are a huge person by size, and you have big fingers, always go with the ring that can cover your hand. For all those skinny guys out there, a thinner band works amazingly. When it comes to a watch, a skinny guy should always prefer small ones and the opposite suits to the healthier ones. 

4. Consider harmonizing the colour of your metals: Well! This is not a must to follow. It is all up to you. We are just telling you to do this to just contour your overall look. But, never try matching a gold or silver metal as it will send a different meaning to the other people.

5. Always select the jewellery that suits the occasion: You cannot be loaded with jewellery or wear shiny ones at an occasion like a funeral. Doing this would immediately draw other peoples attention to you and your mentality.

6. Avoid expensive jewellery like watches in interviews: Wearing a branded watch like that of Rolex might not be a good choice to go with if you’re going for an interview. A simple subtle watch is perfect. But, when you are to finalise a business deal, it is for sure that the next person will see if you are a successful business person. Here, your Rolex watch is going to fit the best. 


Every other person has their own look. But, sometimes all you need is guidance. Hence, we have always been giving you amazing tricks and tips so that you always look subtly butterly amazing. The only mantra to a perfect jewellery look is, Less is more. In simple words, keep your minimalistic rather than going over high or overly low. Try to follow the combination of one high and one low or both low. If you follow these tips, you are surely going to rock on the stage. 

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