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Your guide to become the next beauty, fashion & fitness influencer

First of all, you have to make sure that you are in the niche discipline of your goals, for example, before sharing your idea and content online you must follow it and see it in yourself. So first of all work on yourself and improve your lifestyle.

Be stylish and follow the fashion trends with yout signature in unsual way, which makes your true social media influencer. Second, choose your communication channel with your audience, choose one social media platform and keep in mind that it works smoothly and gives you a chance to set trends on the internet.

Third, choose your audience category. Before creating your content, you need to be clear about who is going to see it, for example, are you looking to influence 10 to 12 year olds, 12 to 20 year olds, or adults 20 to 30 or older?

Don’t focus on other sides like followers in few days or fake likes from bot, such services will spam your instagram account and instagram algorithm will not give any engagement.

However, you should always check your content improvement and audience category from your Instagram account, this will help you understand what kind of content your audience wants to see more of.

Use the method below to understand how to check your Instagram engagement Insight?

Login > Click profile (below right side) > click insight (Upper right side)

By following above method you will be able to check: Account reached + Account engaged + Total followers.

At upper left side you will be able to check select the dates.

Make sure you are using Instagram Professional, if you are not using Instagram Professional, please change your account from Personal to Instagram Professional and select your professional category as Public Celebrity to change here click here to change.

Well, we will suggest you to focus on your content improvement and trends.

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Being a beauty, fitness and fashion influencer doesn’t mean you need to be in style all the time, but it is important to be confident and articulate. Hence, read fashion and fitness digits, journals.

Use google & meta services to stay informed about the latest trends. You can use Google Alerts to the latest news about your niche topic or about your competitors.


In social media marketing “CONTENT IS KING” your content plays a major role in making you a successful beauty, fashion & fitness influencer. Posting a new look, new fitness tips every day on your social media handle with trending hashtags and making a strong image and video bank get half the job done. Sharing simple doable beauty hacks and daily fitness care tips serve as the icing on the cake.

Instagram & social media is all about image and building strong personality. Hence, we also suggest you to Work on your vocabulary and pronunciation, and always practice speaking in front of the camera, you can do it in front of a mirror.

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