Receding Hairline Solution For Men

Receding Hairline Problem and Solution

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A receding hairline is a concern not only for men but also for women. Today, this issue can arise due to various factors such as age, genetics, an unhealthy lifestyle, or excessive consumption of junk food. In the fashion world, receding hairlines are becoming increasingly common, often attributed to harmful chemicals and sleepless nights.
It can frustrate and lower your confidence to enjoy life, but it is curable with professional help, most of the time we try to hide it with receding hairline haircuts but if you follow our advice you will be able to cure it in your home under professional guidance, and without spending a lot of money.

To get a solution for your receding hairlines you have to observe two main points that may causes receding hairlines in men;

  1. Reason
  2. Stage

Once you drill down these two points you will be able to justify the actionable solution without fake expectations or false claims from harmful medical companies. Hence, let’s understand what causes receding hairlines,

What causes a receding hairline? (A)

In the United States, receding hairline problems is becoming very common among male & female, due to androgenetic alopecia approximately 50 million males and 30 million females are facing it.

Let’s understand the reasons behind this;


Receding hairline & hair loss is a very common problem after 30. It is estimated that within 30 years of life, 25% of people lose hair in the US and after 50 almost 50% but in males, it is high almost 80% after age 50.

Hormonal fluctuation

This is another vital reason for hair loss and the main reason for receding hairlines in males, due to the DHT hormone men’s face receding hairlines, too much DHT hormone growth can cause receding hairlines. However, it can create confusion as to why the DHT hormone causes hair loss. Let’s understand the connection. The most Potent part of DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is androgen. Androgen affects the cycle of hair growth by impacting the hair follicle surface area of the scalp. Every few months our scalp enters a resetting phase and grows new hairs to fill the blank area but such progress requires blood circulation and balanced hormones, due to hormonal changes after 30 or due to high DHT inflation effects generated in the body, androgen delays the regrowth of hair cycle. This may cause thinner hair or baldness in men.

Family history or hereditary

Family history plays a major role in your receding hairline issues, Males suffer higher baldness issues due to their father’s baldness history and it shows results in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. But a better dermatologist can check your hair follicle condition to observe how much it is shrunk and with proper diet and medical support you can get effective results. Receding hairlines can be visible in the form of a V, M, or U shape.

Medical condition

In some cases medical or health conditions play a major role in hair fall or receding hairlines, For example, cancer treatment, stomach or gastric issues, malnutrition, insomnia, depression or stress, and sometimes excess smoking or tobacco consumption.

What are the stages of receding hairlines or hair fall? (B)

Earlier, hair fall or receding hairlines were very common in the late 40s but today it is reduced to the 30s as a common period of hair fall or receding hairlines among males and females. Your hair has a falling cycle of almost 40 to 50 every day but if you are noticing more than that then kindly consult a dermatologist.

But in receding hairline cases you need to recognize it quickly under the guidance of a certified and experienced dermatologist because early identification patterns can help in the regrowth of hairs and also prevention of hair loss.
Receding hairline is possible between the 40s to 50s but in some cases, teens start losing hair and male pattern of receding hairlines can occur due to various reasons;

  • Hairline recedes: In hairline recedes you can notice slight hair loss or thinning right above your temples or entire hairline.
  • Hair loss spreads: This category of Hair loss moves up the temples until the hairline creates a pattern of “M,” “U,” or “V.”
  • Crown baldness or Balding on top of the head: When the Receding hairline starts it joins center balding on the top of the scalp (aka the vertex), creating spot baldness.
  • Receding hairline and bald spot visible: High-density hair loss leaves a narrow strip of hair between the two balding areas.
  • Hairline recession and complete baldness: This situation creates complete baldness by causing a high amount of hair fall, receding hairline, and bald spots connect into one hairless area where hair volume is low or in the form of thin patches of hair on top of the head.

other symptoms of receding hairline or hair fall:

  • Itching scalp.
  • Too much dandruff with white flakes.
  • Whiteness in nale is a sign of low biotin.
  • Overall body hair fall.
  • Bleeding in the scalp.

Note: These are some serious situations and you need complete treatment with nutrition, shampoo, oil, and proper diet under medical experts.

What are the treatments for receding hairlines and hair fall? (C)

Receding hairlines or hair fall can cause depression and upsetting moments in life at any age, but proper treatment can help and there are many options that may help either reduce hair loss or help in regrow new hairs against the bald area or receding lines area, let check some different way of treatment for receding hairlines or hair fall;

Medical treatment

  • Minoxidil: Minoxidil is an FDA approved approved medicine for hair fall treatment and to stop receding hairlines but still research is going on to make it liable for hair fall issues. In some cases, minoxidil provides effective results in reversing hair fall or in slow down hair loss. But as we said it is not approved. And also not effective in preventing frontal fibrosing alopecia from progressing, except when combined with other medications. However, it is effective when used early on small areas of hair loss.
  • Finasteride: This is an oral kind medicine and it can help men’s hair fall issues and receding hairline problems because it blocks DHT hormones which causes hair fall problem, instead of Minoxidil you can use Finasteride for frontal fibrosing alopecia to prevent future hair loss. But as it is effect directly male testosterone. Hence, some may experience decreased libido and sexual dysfunction from oral finasteride. Kindly consult with an expert before using it.
  • PRP therapy: PRP or Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of the safest ways to grow hair regrowth or to prevent receding hairlines but only under the guidance of an experienced medical professional or dermatologist. This process involves injecting a person’s platelets from their blood into the scalp and it is more effective than other treatments like Minoxidil or Finasteride.
  • Corticosteroids: Corticosteroids are also known as the steroids category due to their direct hormonal effects and it is prescribed for various reasons. It can reduce the inflammation regulated to frontal fibrosing alopecia hair loss along the hairline and can also help in hair growth and mitigate damage to the hair follicles. This process involves direct injection of corticosteroid into your scalp or experts can prescribe a topical corticosteroid.
  • Low-level Light Therapy: This therapy is effective for males and females because it involves the simulation process of hair growth by using lasers to stimulate cell growth in the hair follicles and move hair follicles into the phase where hair is pushed out or blank space area. Laser therapy, or low-level light therapy or LLLT is effective for those who suffer hair loss due to hereditary or having hair loss after chemotherapy.
  • Hair Transplant: This process is famous and today very popular among celebrities and stars for fast results in hair fall or receding hairlines. A hair transplant is a hair plug process, a hair transplant surgically moves hair follicles from the back or side of your head to any bald areas, one area known as the donor and the second area of the blank area known as the receiver. In Hollywood Nicolas Kim Coppola, known as Nicolas Cage has done a hair transplant, and in Bollywood actors like Salman Khan, and cricketer Mohammed Shami have also done the hair transplant.
  • Hair Supplements and Vitamins: Supplements & vitamins are really effective ways in the prevention of hair loss or receding hairlines but when you face such issues due to weakness or poor diet. You can try supplements like biotin and DHT blockers but must consult a physician before taking a DHT blocker because in some cases DHT causes low libido or erection problems.

Self hair care

  • Change Shampoo: Must change your shampoo and switch to harmful chemical shampoos.
  • Oil: Avoid oil if you have dandruff or white flakes on the scalp.
  • Multivitamins: Start taking biotin in break-fast 15mg to 30mg, and other vitamins like vitamins A, B12, E, Iron, and Zinc.
  • Diet: Avoid oily and junk food, take fruits in your diet.
  • Stress management: Avoid stress and try to sleep at least 8 hours.
  • Hairstyle change: Change your hairstyle by covering the visible scalp area.


You need a quick consultation from the medical expert if your hairline from the receding area is started because organically there is no proven way, you have to go with the medical process and treatment. Every person’s hair is different and skin, scalp, and reasons are different. Hence, you need a doctor for complete treatment and clear knowledge.

A board-certified dermatologist help you in such cases because treatment for a receding hairline or hair loss is impossible without identifying the clear reason or chance of improvement.

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