Increasing obesity rates in America: what causes it, and why it’s so hard to cure

Obesity in America: too much food and too little exercise

The American epidemic of weighing is pulling the nation down more than 12% yearly Death in the US is becoming common, but it is not because of COVID-19. In the US, 40% of the population is under medical guidance because of obesity and such conditions are increasing major health issues like diabetes, and heart problems every year.

Let’s understand some primary & general problems related to obesity in American society especially among, youth & middle-aged people;

Obesity among youth in the United States

According to medical records every year nearly 20% of the youth people in America are classified as overweight or obese because of lifestyle or due to the impact of fast food chains. This trend is triggering dangerous future possibilities because obesity during childhood and adolescence often impacts badly into adulthood life, leading to a higher risk of chronic diseases and compromised quality of life.

Some obesity factors among youth

  • Lifestyle factors: Staying in cities like New York, Orlando, Orlando Cincinnati, Las Vegas, Miami, St. Louis, Atlanta, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Cleveland, Tucson, Florida, can influence your daily life to eat fast food due to time crisis & tight schedule because according to research in 2020, these cities have the highest rate of QSR in the USA.
  • Environmental factors: Staying in an apartment avoiding stairs, eating unhealthy school or office canteen, high rate of sugary drink consumption daily base, lack of physical activity, a locality with fast-food chains, these all factors are creating an unhealthy environment for the youth in the United States which increase the high rate of obesity.
  • Behavioral factors: A routine life with time management and task is not modern world mind innovation but following life with a daily task list and duration was the traditional method of life today youth’s lack of managed discipline life is creating a list of wrong choices, and food and lazy life is at the top of the list.

Obesity among middle-aged in the United States

In the last 10 years, it increased by significant numbers. Obesity has become a major warning signal of a health crisis for middle-aged individuals in the USA, but some of the major reasons are not transparent with solutions, because can’t find the knowledge of emotional intelligence in the gym. But will try to highlight some of the reasons that were not discussed in society as much as needed.

Some obesity factors among middle-aged

  • Lifestyle Factors: The maximum number of middle-aged people have scheduled life with 9 to 6 with desk jobs & evenings at a bar with alcohol & sugar drinks, such a lifestyle produce lack of self-care habit and more list of bad choices which lead to a high rate of obesity among middle-aged people.
  • Physiological Changes: The considerable middle age starts from 40 but after 30 body starts changing due to medical reasons like, high cortisol, bad high cholesterol, low metabolic rate, lowering testosterone, and significant mass decline & hormonal changes
  • Socioenvironmental Factors: This factor may sound inappropriate because it is a fixed liability of society. Access to healthy food is very limited in the community due to economic reasons like capitalism and crisis capitalism. A choice of unhealthy food due to poor quality products in the market or financial reasons are some significant issues that lead to an increased obesity rate in middle-aged people in the United States.
  • Mental and emotional health crisis: A life is a roller coaster of ups & downs of choice, success, unsuccess, happiness, and sadness, These all are fundamental pillars of a mind that need to be maintained with proper consultation but such facilities are limited to wealthy class and that’s why sometimes due to wrong choice or emotional crisis individual starts entertaining unhealthy lifestyle. Hence, in 2023 we should consider our mental health and emotional intelligence equal to workouts.

Increasing obesity rates in the United States of America

Beinghe aims to share valuable data & strategies for resolving the sensitive issue of obesity in America and around the world. Our main objective is to create awareness and empower every individual to select a healthy lifestyle with healthcare professionals and inform policy-makers to develop a policy that fights general health issues in the United States. By drilling down the causes, consequences, and effective solutions, we can dream & achieve a healthier future for all.

The basic image of the problem:

According to studies, obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the US. However, still, it is not on agenda for the society because never found such of any awareness campaign on this matter in schools or in the street. We are not saying that Americans are being treated like sugar-demanding consumers. Still, the environment not even displaying the vital requirement of changes in the health and economic structure of the affected audience. According to studies approximately 40% of adults and 19% of children in America are classified as obese or overweight but still nutrition is not a considerable subject in the United States.

Responsible circumstance for obesity in the US:

This complex situation is hidden by multiple factors as we mentioned above but some reasons are the backbone of the nation’s economic structure that forces consumers to get addicted to more junk food sugar drinks and unhealthy resources.

Forced by society, not by choice:

The cost of organic food or fresh farm foods is increasing with branding due to crisis capitalism control. Hence, it is not even possible for everyone to afford healthy food at a low price. Hence, market fluctuation is a more significant contributor to obesity in America.

The price of a Coke can is 0.83 USD which contains 139 calories with 10.6 of sugar per 100 ml of Coca‑Cola Original Taste.
1 orange juice cost 4.3 USD.

Source Amazon:

The Sedentary Lifestyle & Environmental and Socioeconomic Factors:

Today sedentary behavior towards the lifestyle is becoming very common, it is a pivotal contributor to the obesity epidemic in the United States. Technological advancements have led to a decrease in physical activity levels People avoid stairs over lifts, and also a mass side of the audience loves sitting at desks, commuting in cars, and engaging in high-screen-based entertainment. The shift from active transportation to motor vehicles and the prevalence of desk-bound jobs have significantly reduced calorie expenditure, leading to weight gain over time. If we check environmental and socioeconomic factors, then they transparent some significant roles in shaping the obesity epidemic. Limited access to affordable, nutritious foods in low-income neighborhoods or due to low-quality foods in the market, commonly referred to as “food deserts, sugar drinks, excess beer” can perpetuate unhealthy eating habits.

Obesity Solution of America

Combating obesity Stage 1: With Schools-nutrition

Primary education in schools about food, nutrition, and physical activity. According to the School Nutrition Association Report 2023, the cost of school nutrition meals is increasing day by day, with no proper management from schools or government reviews and even fewer options on the menu.

  • Schools need proper reimbursement for the meals program.
  • Must identify the cause of the increasing cost of school meals.
  • School meals nutrition review.

Read more about the situation “Challenges for School Meal Programs” here. (courtesy SNA)

Combating obesity stage 2: With health-supportive environment

In the second stage of combating obesity in the United States, the main objective is to create an environment that supports healthy lifestyles and encourages individuals to make nutritious choices for a better and longer life. As mentioned below:

Promote Nutrient-Rich Foods: Local government should collaborate with supermarkets and shopping centers like Walmart and maintain a veg storage ratio higher than processed food and junk food.

Encourage an Active Lifestyle: Local government should develop and maintain public spaces like parks, trails, and recreation centers that encourage physical activity.

Workplace Wellness Programs: Private sectors should support implementing wellness initiatives that offer incentives for employees to engage in regular exercise and make healthier dietary choices, or offices should promote standing work desks, and ergonomic furniture to reduce sedentary behavior.

Community Health Engagement: Organize events like 10K runs, health expos, public marathons, and healthy meal cooking workshops to engage communities in embracing healthier lifestyles.

Policy Advocacy & review: Lobby for policies that restrict the advertising of sugary & carbonated drinks and unhealthy foods to children and everyone.

Combating obesity stage 3: Shape of you

Knowledge is key to solutions and the gateway to a happy & well-being life. Hence, before starting your fight & fat you need to understand your body type & shape. To know, is it natural & genetic or because of your unhealthy lifestyle.

Generally, in men there are three types of bodies;

  1. Endomorph
  2. Ectomorph
  3. Mesomorph

Here we will help you understand, How to prepare your diet & workout according to your body type,

Endomorph body type diet and work-out

Being an endomorph is no excuse because this body comes with high fat and less muscle & low metabolism, you have to work hard and avoid an unhealthy way of life;

  1. More veg.
  2. No processed food.
  3. Homemade food.
  4. 5 days work-out, use own weight exercise.
  5. Avoid too much sugar or soda drink.
  6. Clean non-veg in a smaller quantity.

Ectomorph body type diet and work-out

Being an ectomorph is a relief because ectomorphs are long and lean, with a small quantity of body fat, but not high muscle, but they can improve;

  1. Chicken, roasted beef & fish.
  2. Fat-free dairy or yogurt.
  3. veg & fruits.
  4. Carbs but avoid rice at night.
  5. Keep 4 days of work-out with exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and pull-ups.
  6. Easy to add cheat meals because ectomorph carries a high metabolism to burn calories.

Mesomorph body type diet and work-out

Being a mesomorph is like a strong personality in the room and a true blessing from the Almighty, as they are athletic, solid, and strong, with managed metabolism;

  1. Maintain discipline and don’t be careless because you are better.
  2. At least 3 days of workouts in a week. Don’t Avoid.
  3. Whole egg, chicken, mutton, steak.
  4. Shakes and protein.
  5. Cheese, fatty milk, and yogurt.
  6. Free to go any veg & fruits.
  7. Avoid white rice.
  8. Prefer brown rice & bread.
  9. Cheat appropriately.

Combating obesity stage 4: Shape of you

This is the stage of commitment and dedication. Whether you want Americans to have a healthy life or not, this stage will involve more activity from government and public institutions.


Changes begin from the core and then reflect outside. According to the “CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION,” department government has issued few guidelines but strong policies to prevent obesity. Hence, it is important for the government to form strong policies like;

  1. Healthy meal store & restaurant by the government at few bucks.
  2. Free obesity test & guidelines.
  3. Tax benefits to all restaurants & hotels that provide only healthy meals.
  4. Mandatory for all food places & manufacturers to mention the calories in the food.
  5. Surprise inspection & nutrition level check, from school to hospitals.
  6. Government officials should engage in healthy activities without any political agenda.

Public institution

To solve it, you need to accept it. Public institutions like hospitals & schools should promote a healthy life without capitalist intervention and offer consultation and testing at a cheaper cost;

  1. Such institutions should act to implement the government law on obesity.
  2. Advocate the issues to the government with data.
  3. Collaborate with private & non-profit organizations to bring healthy choices in public life.
  4. Institutions should have a real environment that promotes a healthy life by creating parks, and quarter seminars on such topics.
  5. Award & credit programs for those who motivate others to become part of it.
  6. Create a true knowledge program, like nothing happens in 10 minutes or 1 month. A healthy life is a journey.

Why America is fat? “It is a complex matter that involves capitalism and public lifestyle choices. But today, Americans need to think about where they want to be as a nation that cares about the public interest and is not just the winner of geopolitics.”

Conclusion: In conclusion, the momentum of the American obesity epidemic, causing more than a 12% annual increase in deaths, transcends COVID-19 as a critical concern. Affecting more than 40% of the population and triggering health issues like diabetes and heart conditions, it demands immediate attention and action from the government as well as the public. Among the youth and middle-aged, lifestyle, environmental, and behavioral factors intertwine, propelling this crisis. To counteract this, schools should prioritize nutrition education, while creating health-focused environments and advocating for policy changes is crucial. Both government and public institutions must align efforts to steer the nation toward a healthier future, fostering a society that values well-being over geopolitical success.

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