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“Marketing is a great skill that can boost your career in any industry, but when you decide to become a fashion brand or company marketing manager, you have to be creative and statistical at the same time”

How to Become a Fashion Brand Manager?

As we said creative & statistical. Hence, let’s understand deeply;

Statistical or technical skills for fashion brand marketing

Phase 1 Fashion Brand Marketing:

Well, I am sure you have already watched hundreds of Youtube videos and blogs, but still not satisfied because some questions require to-the-point answers. Every time digital marketing does not have a concrete answer. When you are dealing with a fashion brand or company that wants to launch a new product in any country or state, make sure you have all the answers with market knowledge and statistical numbers. Here is your statistical or technical skills list;

  • Market Analysis: If you are a B-school graduate or an MBA, I am sure you have put a lot of energy and time into preparing marketing and advertising assignments and understanding the difference between marketing and advertising. Investing money in production with analysis is like burning dollars in Alaska to feel warm. Hence, You need to understand the market, prepare for the market, and demarcate the market segment that your product or company is good for. This is what marketing is all about. Let’s understand the check-list that you need to follow for your fashion brand marketing or Market analysis.
  1. Remember that the production, quality, quantity, and cost of a product depend on marketing reports, which reflect competitor analysis and consumer behavior analysis. So, invest money in market analysis and find top competitors in your business before production.
  2. Competitor analysis in fashion marketing; this phase in fashion marketing involves studying the strategies and tactics of other fashion companies in order to gain a competitive advantage, make sure you review every data with specialist in your company. For example, For example, if it is about the product’s retail price then you must ask your production & pricing team and make a clear understanding of your product pricing strategy. This can include analyzing competitors product, branding, material, pricing, marketing, and distribution channels, as well as understanding their target market and customer base type.
  3. Understand your fashion product users buying behavior and the nature of your business and try to find out the link and easy transaction method. Which completely depends on the business segment B2B, B2C, or D2C.
  4. If you are not too much pen & papper person or old school then you can use some digital tools to understand your competitors technology and online data. but make sure you make sure you competitor analysis spreadsheet that compares key data points for each competitor. For example; partner agency, competitor’s product line, minimum & maximum price of the product, marketing channels online & offline, and target market online & offline, past contacted ambassadors & influencers. This can become your fuel in accelerating your marketing process.
  5. Remember old is gold. Hence, try to interact with your future buyers face-to-face by conducting a survey. For example, if your company is planning to deal in hand-bag then make sure you conduct surveys near private universities, hotels, and malls and ask questions about users’ experience, from purchase to touch.
  6. Remember, before starting the research with the consumer focus on the competitors and try to find out the weak point of their business or their product. Once you have a good understanding of your competitors, you can use this information to inform your own fashion marketing strategy.
  7. Do not hesitate to get inspired by your competitors and make sure you add your uniqueness in your fashion brand marketing strategy. Remember that, this is a continuous process of building your fashion brand, It is important to keep an eye on your competitors and their strategies, as they will likely change over time.
  8. learn to use digital tools like semrush, similarweb,

“We hope these seven points will set your marketing flowchart to success”

Creative or soft skills for fashion brand marketing

Phase 2 Fashion Brand Marketing:

  • Creative: Remember, creativity isn’t just about bringing stars from the moon or finding tips from Veda; providing easy, effective solutions to problems is also a top creative skill, You can learn these skills and you can also develop your portfolio like a successful fashion business marketing manager. Here is your list;
  1. Design thinking: This skill is about keeping the fashion product in mind and thinking from every angle about how your buyer is going to see, touch, feel, and react throughout the post-purchase journey and customer service., this skill will set the basic pipeline of your business.
  2. Video & Photography: Being able to capture or manage a professional team of photographers, who clicks & shoot well-defined images and videos of the product in a real-life situation that can attract customers and create a strong visual identity for the brand and product.
  3. Graphic design: Must be able to coordinate with the graphics team, and work creatively on advertising content.
  4. Color psychology: This skill is not widely accepted by brands, but only top brands know the power of color psychology in advertising to attract consumers.
  5. Copywriting: If there is anything that can define your product in a rich way for the consumers and bring sales online and offline then it is copywriting. Hence, you must be able to guide your writing team in providing compelling and persuasive copywriting that can help brands connect with their target audiences and communicate their unique selling points.
  6. Store guidance: If you are connected online and offline then I’m sure you are working with top website front-end and back-end designers who put heart into designing your website look and also work to ease the customer’s journey in your website but when it comes to designing the stores fashion companies only on implementing the best ERP and in-store furnishing, that’s only a few brands are able to convince the buyer offline; For example, like Zara. Who understands consumers’ visibility in-store and works in creative mannequin & clothes positioning.

We hope our article will help you with all the hidden secrets of fashion business marketing, also check our previous article on fashion business marketing. In our next blog, we will explain fashion brand advertising and conversion secrets.

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