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  • January 4, 2023
  • Sultan Khan
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If you owner of any fashion brand or apparel in INDIA – DUBAI – USA then I’m sure you are well aware of the traffic concept but you also don’t want to bother your subscribers with daily unwanted e-mails.

“Fashion Blog Readers Died, But Fashion Newsletters Are Filling the Gape with niche traffic and interest”

Let’s find-out some amazing fashion newsletter templates which will work in 2023 and will also add more subscribers in your list.

Today interest of fashion blog readers is not high due to Instagram scroll and visual content but Readers who prefer solid articles over scripted videos will surely give you the engagement you are looking for and a qualified audience in your network. Hence, stay motivated and follow our fashion newsletter tips.

  1. Give your newsletter template a name & title.
  2. Don’t change your newsletter template always.
  3. Get one clean design for the newsletter template and follow the branding guidelines in your template.
  4. Keep only one or two backlinks in your template that redirect your subscriber to the blog or update.
  5. Use graphic content that describes your business & content. You can get inspired by the below templates.

A fashion apparel brand calls for a fashionable newsletter that gives a wow factor! Make your design catwalk-ready for your subscribers and take notes from the below fashion email newsletter examples.


Fashion Newsletter
fashion newsletter template designed in Canva
fashion newsletter
fashion newsletter template designed in Canva
fashion newsletter template designed by
fashion newsletter template designed by in canva

The journey of implementing fashion newsletter ideas may frustrate your passion. Hence, if you are not getting your idea then do not hesitate to get inspired by other fashion brand newsletters that do proper fashion marketing, because you’re struggling to come up with unique and engaging newsletter ideas for your fashion store, you’re not alone!

6. Content consistency with Fashion email newsletters is better than quantity or bulk traffic generated. because bulk sending will harm your sender ID and IP reputation, some users sign up for the newsletter because they are interested in reading blogs and the latest updates, for example, substack, is an American online platform that provides newsletter publishing service to writers with analytics, and design and payment gateway to receive money against the writing and subscriber list, this infrastructure support subscription newsletters business module. It is a bridge for writers to send digital newsletters directly to subscribers. Hence, always e-mail valuable blogs with impactful designs.

7. Make sure that your newsletters are device & browser-friendly because today most of the subscribers are using different devices. Always optimize your newsletters for mobile devices and tablets and it looks awesome on all devices.

8. If it is about sales then always use a subject like:

  • Last call!
  • 20% off today only!
  • Flash sale!

You can also share contests,

A user always loves free stuff and it can increase your email open rates by running a contest!

9. Semently categorize your e-mail subscriber list like:

  • Behavior
  • Time zone or location
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Opt-in source
  • Opened
  • Clicked
  • Not seen

and plan your sending accordingly.

10. make sure your blog is following the fashion meaning and it is talking to readers and not just grammar & punctuation.

11. Break down content by showing all updated product categories or product inventory in the newsletter.

12. Remember after the impressive subject lines if there is anything that can influence the subscriber then it is your newsletter charming visual and personalizing the newsletter by mentioning the subscriber’s name, and last purchase. Welcome new subscribers with welcome e-mail content.

13. Infom about abandoned carts, wishlists, festivals, occasions, holidays, and such email marketing practices will keep you connected with the buyers.

Some mandatory points in E-mail marketing & newsletter

The e-mail newsletter and e-mail marketing law are very strict in countries like the USA and UAE, you will have to follow the preferences and consent concept without following all basic rules you may have to face technical problems that will waste your time and re-establishment of e-mail automation. Hence, Before we share the template, check out the essential information you need to implement in your e-mail marketing campaign and your website newsletter:

Website newsletter

  • Must send e-mail from your website domain
  • If you don’t want any reply from newsletter subscribers, then kindly mention “do not reply to this e-mail” in the e-mail body with your address and unsubscribe or add a preference option.
  • Always check your domain reputation and server IP address reputation.
  • You can use or you can consult your email marketing team.
  • make sure your newsletter is informative and doesn’t redirect users to a different website.
  • Focus on e-mail automation rather than manual copy-paste jobs.

E-mail marketing

  • Try different e-mail marketing providers and avoid bulk e-mailing from your website server at the beginning.
  • Always check your e-mail service provider’s IP address reputation and if it is blacklisted then avoid sending it immediately and ask for dedicated IP or new IP to your service provider.
  • Practically schedule the campaign weekly, based on the organization’s interest and by following the fashion marketing campaign.
  • make sure that you are following niche policy. Do not send e-mails to people. For example, you want people to buy a product with fashion interest, which is completely B2C work but if you are sharing B2B data or people with inbox restrictions, such activities will increase the bounce rate of the e-mail marketing campaign and it is not good.
  • Consume e-mails as per your requirements.
  • If you are doing influencer marketing with fashion influencers and bloggers then must circulate.


All the best

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