• December 4, 2023
  • Sultan Khan
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How to do branding? What is branding?

In business, whether online or offline branding plays a pillar part because it can either build or damage the overall impression. Hence, we will try to establish a guideline for your brand. This will help in branding. Our branding framework will consolidate all your thoughts and knowledge about the business, product, market, and consumers because a brand is a compound transactional relationship between a product and a buyer.

Epic Framework of Branding:





Existence = WWW

You need to be very careful with this point because it shares information about your business, past, present, and future. Hence your every tense needs to be clear and honest. WHEN: WHERE: WHY. This is the story of the brand.

Purpose = Uniqueness

In business, you need to define the purpose of your business. Don’t get confused with the materialist approach or activities for example, you study law but the purpose is delivering justice in society, another example, you have a chips company but you don’t use palm oil because your purpose is to serve healthy food to your consumers.

Identity = VVE

VVE means, Visual, Voice, and Emotion. This can be defined by color, logo, and slogans. “Keep in mind that a masterful touch is needed in this phase because how your consumers feel after reading your brand name or while looking at the logo is important. After all, it can trigger an emotion, and emotions can prompt an irresistible call to action.”

Connection = Transactional Relationship

This is a fact that many businesses fail not due to competition but because entrepreneurs often perceive the connection with consumers as one-sided, simply selling a product to earn money. However, the term ‘connection’ implies a relationship. In relationships, we share emotions, time, and conversation. Therefore, when working on branding, ensure your business provides a clear and effective means for consumers to connect with you, whether through requests, complaints, appreciation, or feedback.

This is the Epic Framework that you need to obey while working on branding.

All the best.

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