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What made Pathaan Movie successful and marketing secrets of Pathaan movie | YRF SPY UNIVERSE | SHAH RUKH KHAN | JOHN ABRAHAM | DEEPIKA PADUKONE | SIDDHARTH ANAND | 2023 BOLLYWOOD | PATHAAN WORLDWIDE & DOMESTIC BOX OFFICE COLLECTION | Marketing breakdown by Beinghe:

I understand your feelings if you are excited as a fan of Shah Rukh Khan or a puppet who loves to work for boycott trends on Twitter and social media but here I’m writing about the collection of Pathaan movie or per day number increase details,

So, what you are going to get from this article?

If you are a student of marketing, or a marketing manager, or an MBA then I’m sure you are going to love this article as a case study of Pathaan movie success!

Pathaan movie success case study & Marketing

Let’s trigger the first chapter of business the marketing and management world and understand how it is working with Bollywood & with the entertainment industry.

1. The Demand for Shah Rukh Khan in the market:

The release of ZERO on 21 December 2018 was not so much favorable for the theaters and box office but later on the covid made the entertainment market more evolving and we shouldn’t forget that the name Shah Rukh Khan stays high with the entertainment world, ironically just after the failure of ZERO internet got around millions of search about “NEXT MOVIE OF SRK” and Shah Rukh Khan decided to take a break of 1 year.

But did the things went as per the plan of Shah Rukh Khan?

Well, the answer is a BIG NO. The covid 19 was itself a big biggest answer with the date and year name. The world got the biggest paused, Offline market was completely shut down.

The world started looking for entertainment and new content because of the boring lockdown and #stayhome and the same happened with Shah Rukh Khan, His planned 1 year vacation automatically turned into plus 2 more years and became 3, and then 1 year of working on projects and thus SRK got a break of 4 years from the big screen.

But hold on,,,,,,,,

He was out of the big screen but not out of the screen, internet, news, controversies, and all those things increased the search for Shah Rukh Khan everywhere.

Ok, let me make it simple for you!

Due break, covid lockdown, and all controversies raised the demand for Shah Rukh Khan in the market, and according to our statistics internet received searches like the below:

  • Around 307 different keywords related to Shah rukh Khan searches on internet and total 454.2K monthly searches from India and just in December 2019
  • Around 150 different keywords related to Shah Rukh Khan searches on the internet and a total of 20.2K monthly searches from the united states of America, same December 2019.
  • With the situation, the searches become more about Shah Rukh Khan in 2022 in India and all around the world. In India, in 2022 searches related to Shah Rukh Khan were found with 1.1k different keywords and the total search volume was more than 2.8 Million.

Search metrics of Shah Rukh Khan in the USA 2022

  • Honestly, I found a few searches and keywords related to Shah Rukh Khan in the USA that is hilarious but also show his craze in the USA region.
  • 4.9K variation of keywords, 321 questions related to SRK, and 473 keywords related to his lifestyle etc.
  • And just in december 2022 searches related to SRK in the USA reached to 74.0K

Shah Rukh Khan fan and searches in Dubai, UAE.

  • In December 2022 the situation went high on internet with search volume of 27.1K, total Keyword Variations 413 with search volume of 29.4k, and 80 related keywords with search volume of 130.0k

2. Social & Political controversies on Shah Rukh Khan that increased demand from the audience:

2022 was like a roller coaster for Shah Rukh Khan and that shows an unbelievable ECG of audience trust, request, support, and many different kinds of emotions for SRK.

Before we recollect the historical data of 2022 of Shah Rukh Khan let’s take a quick recap of Bollywood situations since the dismissal of Sushant Singh Raj that raised debate on nepotism, just after the death of young actor SSR audience and media has got a strong reason to grill the Bollywood and big names like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and some star kids. The situation raised profits for OTT platforms and massive downfall of multiplex screens.

One-sided media was busy grilling Khans & Kapoors and the audience becomes very determined with the contents choice

But, the situation triggered SRK badly personal as well as professional. let’s catch in points;

  • Kartik Aryan dropped by Redchillie entertainment production LTD, Film directed by Ajay Bahl. Tentatively titled ‘Goodbye Freddie’, the film was to have Katrina Kaif opposite Kartik Aaryan, The situation has also portrayed SRK as the one responsible.
  • Suhana Khan archies debut made her another Nepotism product.
  • Aryan Khan fake drugs case raised another debate on SRK as failed father and responsible for drugs circulation in the Bollywood.
  • Pathaan boycott by right wing and hindu extremist groups due to Deepika Padukone bikini color in Besharam rang song.

The entire 2022 year was like a hell of negative public relations for Shah Rukh Khan but but but, this was actually real sauce of success.

The benefit & marketing of Pathaan movie from the outcomes

The entire circumstances and atmosphere has drawn an unbelievable circle around the Shah Rukh Khan and his Pathaan movie like below structure;

And here this is the real formula of marketing

Negative PR + Positive PR + Emotional Marketing = Success

Let’s catch this step by step;

  1. Negative PR; because of negativity and an unsupportive social & political environment SRK has received many controversies and those who don’t talk about him or are biased toward different fanbases or groups started talking about him and he got more attention even in his disappearance from the big screen.
  2. Positive PR; This is my favorite, it’s like naming on a cake with cream. The first job that SRK has done by clearing his name from all negative controversies by making it clear that his son’s drug case was completely done with an intention to target his son by Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer Sameer Wankhede
    • Exit of Kartik Aryan truth comes out with fact that, “Kartik didn’t like the script and therefore decided not to do the film. He has also returned the signing amount of the film.”
    • Shah Rukh Khan is owner of Red Chillie Entertainment production house but his daughter debut “The Archies” is not from his father production house but Tiger Baby, Graphic India and produce & directed by Zoya Akhtar.
    • In a recent case of rape, molestation, and murder victim in Delhi got help from Shah Rukh Khan’s charitable organization Meer Foundation. The woman, who was the sole breadwinner of her family, was dragged kilometers under the car and was found naked by a road in Kanjhawala. The situation also made citizens realize that the right-wing and political leaders who were targeting Shahrukh and his film did not come forward to help the victim, but Shahrukh did, and he got a lot of appreciation from left-wing and digital media online as well as offline.
    • Right-wing Boycott of Deepika Padukone’s bikini color in “Besharam Rang song” made people realize that logic is dying in India and which triggered the audience aggressively to watch the movie just because of just boycott today song besharam rang has recorded 258M views on YouTube only in the Hindi version.
  3. These all situations become very clear to the audience and made them realize how much they were wrong about Shah Rukh Khan and here SRK successfully established a strong emotional connection with the audience. In my words successful emotional marketing or success of emotional connection.
  4. And finally the success of Pathaan movie in the box office

Pathan Movie Collection

In day 4, PATHAAN’: ₹ 429 CR WORLDWIDE *GROSS*; Domestic INR 265 Cr, International INR 164 cr total.

This will slow down after 600 crores. (Predication)

5. The date of the Pathaan movie release was a success factor because it added long a holiday and appreciation tweets by celebrity and actors added more value to the movie

6. The Cameo of Salman Khan and Hrithik Roshan’s character name Kabir added extra excitement and creates an irresistible call for fans to watch the movie.

7. The banner Yash Raj created a new franchise as YRF SPY UNIVERSE is touching action and spy movie lovers and for sure it will deliver high octane content also in the future.

Power of Pathaan cast, director, and location & visual effects

Yes, but not the story, because the story is the same as aliens attacking the US and superheroes claim they save the world by saving America and if you talk about the action then we didn’t do anything new because action sequences were looks copied from Hollywood and don’t gives wow factor to matured action movie-loving audience but definitely it will surprise to all those audiences who have not watched Tom cruise Mission Impossibles series.

After watching the movie I didn’t feel anything in the story and even the entry of SRK was very common but John Abraham and Deepika’s entry added value to the movie. I do not die heart fan of John but he is a strong spirit of the Pathaan movie and a reason to watch twice. Hence, talk about the cast;

  • Johan Abraham: I don’t think the audience has watched John as strong crucial villain after Dhoom. Hence, Jthe ohn Abraham is 100% the correct choice for the movie and I can say that magnificent act by the pathaan movie casting director Shanoo Sharma.
  • Deepika Padukone: She is a brand herself and first choice of brands like Live’s, louis vuitton, Adidas, Vistara airlines and many more. Hence, her fanbase & craze is international.
  • Shah Rukh Khan: The King Khan of Bollywood and brand ambassador of Dubai, who rejects Hollywood offers.

Pathaan movie location and visual effects are amazing and don’t make you feel that you are watching a low-budget movie or cartoon animation like Ram-Setu by Akshay Kumar. The film was shot over various locations in India, Afghanistan, Spain, UAE, Turkey, Russia, Italy and France. Let’s appreciate the director

Pathaan Movie director Siddharth Anand

I strongly believe that Director is the real HERO of any movie and Pathaan Movie director Siddharth Anand is a well-decorated personality with holding hit action movies like War, Bang Bang, and now Pathaan and also directing the upcoming movie Fighter. Hence, his experience with the audience pulse adds assurance of success.

We wish more record-breaking success to all Pathaan crew and production house.

Enjoy the wave & let us know you thoughts in the comments

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