Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has joined Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr on a 2-1/2 year deal
  • January 5, 2023
  • Sultan Khan
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Qatar FIFA World Cup has left us a lot of happiness and tears but the football craze is still going beyond the clouds, and it becomes concreate when we undestand two name Cristiano Ronaldo & Lionel Messi.

In the 2022 Qatar FIFA world we were witness everything; “from Shah Rukh Khan hosting the match and marketing his upcoming movie Pathaan to Deepika Padukone presenting the World Cup to the world”.

Disappointment mounted when the world learned that Portugal had been knocked out of the game and Ronaldo left the stadium in tears.

Well Nothing is permanent!

Later, the world celebrated the achievement of Argentina with non-stop claps for the Messi remarkable performance.

But the match and competition is not over and it is still going on between brands and football clubs in the corporate world.

“Portugal Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo signs with Saudi Arabian soccer club Al Nassr for reported record-breaking salary after British club Manchester United”

The 37-year old Portugal footballer team captain is a free bird after leaving major British club Manchester United following a dramatic fallout with some of its management, that was obvious after the world cup.

On another hand, the Arabian world is growing and trying to catch famous names and talents to shine the beauty of the country with the value of co-existing culture, and after the world cup Ronaldo & Messi’s names are top priority and in the most searched category in Google.

“Let’s Not fall in the trap of useless questions like why Ronaldo & Why not Messi”

“Instead of that let’s check out the brand value of Cristiano Ronaldo in the world”


For beinghe ,The world word personality is similar to potentiality. To understand the potentiality, we prefer to look at the backgroud life of personality and how he/she becomes a brand.

Born in February 5, 1985, the youngest of four children – two girls and two boys has started his career from Andorinha to Nacional and then to the mainland with Sporting CP where young cristiano finally signed as a 12-year-old after battling his way through a three-day trial that would have halted boys of lesser character. In 2003 he became contracted senior football player with Manchester United. Rest we know the history or you can Google.

But his journey with business the world started when he signed his endorsement with Global Nutrition company, Herbalife, first partnered with Ronaldo in 2013, when it launched a co-branded sports drink, ‘Herbalife24 CR7 Drive’.

  • Ronaldo’s name was not the only name in the Herbalife sponsorship portfolio, the brand already included FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi, who signed a three-year, multi-million-dollar agreement with Los Angeles-based Herbalife in 2010.
  • Forbes magazine named him as the highest-paid athlete in the world in 2016 and 2017, and the most famous athlete from 2016 to 2019 by ESPN.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo follower 530 Million on Instagram , 106.7 Million on Twitter and 2.15 Million subscribers on YouTube.
  • Later on, Ronaldo added many brands to his portfolio like Coca-Cola, LiveScore, Free Fire, Pestana CR7 Lifestyle Hotels, Nike, Clear, 7EGEND, Insparya, Dazn, Altice, Tag Heuer
    According to Forbes today Cristiano Ronaldo’s Net-worth is around 490 million US Dollar


The Brand Value of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
analysis by beinghe with semrush


For beinghe, the Brand image is an equal identity of brand consumers’ imagination and later the consumer experience and feedback. If we do a deep analysis of Christiano Ronaldo’s image with the brand image then it becomes crystal clear for us to understand why brands are on the waiting list for CR7, here is our mindset;

  • CR7 is having clean image in the market and in the business world. He is also named as world’s most charitable athlete.
  •  Issued by the “Do Something” charity organization in madrid he ranked on the top of list of the 20 Most Charitable Athletes in the World.
  • Once he donated $83,000.00/- for the child brain surgery & $165,000 to fund a Portuguese cancer center. and many more.
  • Worked for many causes like childhood hunger, obesity, and biodiversity.
  • Meeting royals and bounding over fitness points, Cristiano Rolado meeting with Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan


‘Cristiano Ronaldo refused to come on as substitute’

“Such act with clubs like Manchester United Demonstrates your image as a person of ideas and commitment towards self development & Man with no compromise”

“Well, he also refused to work with coca cola, later we will cover this phenomenal act”

Well it’s hard to find any political controversy against the superstar footballer

“We try to dig something”

There are a lot of unconfirmed reports on the internet from lead PR networks and media organizations but none of them ever presented concrete evidence.

However, we are trying to mention few of them.

  • leading spanish newspaper marca published article on Cristiano Rolado with title “Erdogan: Cristiano Ronaldo was the victim of a political veto at the World Cup” the article was published in 26/12/2022 – 07:13 CST, but website never shared any report or evidence. he said that “unfortunately Ronaldo was wasted” at the World Cup, in which Portugal lost in the quarter-finals to Morocco. He also added “Sending a footballer like Ronaldo onto the field with only 30 minutes left in the game ruined his psychology and sapped his energy,” said Erdogan.
  • Cristiano Instagram post with controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson comes out with matter of internet thing and created lot of news and questions.
  • Ronaldo under ‘political ban’ for supporting Palestine, many news are circulating on the internet with image of Ronaldo helping kids but the fact relates him with his charistable acts.
  • The negative controversy also circulated in India when his statue erected in Goa, due to Goa’s pre-independence Portuguese influence, but in reality it was guster of football fans and nothing else.

“He Speake What He Like”

Well, We never see him confused or with scripted notes or using a teleprompter in speech or while intracting media. which makes him confident and fearless.

Word Of Mouth OF Cristiano Ronaldo

  • “i like water” in a interview while removing coca-cola bottels, company’s value drops $4 billion
  • Cristiano Ronaldo about his settlement in life “I want to retire with “dignity” not in USA, Qatar or Dubai”.
  • I SPEAK WHEN I WANT, he said when asked about the manchester united exit
  • “In my life, the best timing is always my timing,”
  • “I don’t have to think about what other people think. The players know me really well for many years and know the type of person I am.
  • “It’s an ambitious group that is hungry and focused. So I’m sure it (the interview) won’t shake the changing room’s concentration and focus.”
  •  ‘siiiiii‘ 


For beinghe, The brand personality means a framwork or boundary that helps the brand shape the way people feel about its product, service, or mission.

Let’s cover these corporate slangs with examples:

  1. Cristiano ronaldo is footballer and he is world famous and especially among youth, so here you can connect CR7 with all the products that relates with him, interms of game, speed, fashion brands & apreal, deo, healthy food, etc.
  2. Recently Dubai food delivery company Talabat signed him as a brand ambassador, to demostrate How fast the company is working in delivering the food.

3. Fit brand personality for energy drink, Herbalife launches sports drink with Cristiano Ronaldo.

4. Fashion brands marketing is easy with him, recent campaign of Louis Vuitton on Instagram with messi and CR7.


The Brand Value of Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
courtesy cristiano ronaldo official website

Brands about CR7

 “everyone is entitled to their drink preferences” Coca Cola response after CR7 removed botels

The greatest. Delivered! We’ve kicked off with Cristiano Ronaldo to bring you the greatest delivery. Siiiii!. Talabat after signing CR7 as brand ambassador in Dubai

Giorgio Armani said, Ronaldo “is the essence of youth – spontaneous, exciting, a real maverick” and was chosen for his “energy” and “youthful, exciting and sexy attitude”.

Nike executives were delighted to have Cristiano Ronaldo as the face of the company rather than Lionel Messi because of his charismatic personality. The executives believe Messi does not have a personality outside of football.

And Many more positive feedback from brands


  1. Hotel Pestana Group CR7 Hotels, since 2016 in Madeira, Lisbon, New York, Madrid, Marrakesh, Paris’ Rive Gauche in 2021
  2. Restaurant chain – Tatel in Madrid, Miami, and Ibiza. Further locations (Los Angeles and Mexico)
  3. We are not counting cars because he doesn’t know himself, however owns villa and apartment in New york, La Finca, Lisbon, Manhattan, Madeira etc.

Internet is still counting him as Messi due to industry, fame and background life and we also believe that Cristiano Ronaldo is the name to prioritize when it comes to giving outreach to your brand.


  1. Manchester United have appointed lawyers to explore potential action against Cristiano Ronaldo for alleged breach of contract and now player is banned from playing 2 matches in saudi arabia.
  2. In 2017, CR7 denied the legal accusation of not paying taxes, authorities accused him as he knowingly used a business structure to hide income generated by his image rights in Spain between 2011 and 2014.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo fined over $20 million for tax fraud.
  4. Sexual assault case that never received concreate evidence and player denied and US judges dismissed the case.


According to olympic official website Cristiano Ronaldo was diagnosed with Tachycardia, condition related to heart. According to the Mayo Clinic, tachycardia is a term for a rapid heartbeat of over 100 times per minute, you can ready more here.

Currently, the player is fit and ready to play with with Saudi Arabian soccer club Al Nassr with annual charges of $75 million per year.

We too love him and respect his contribution in the football, fitness, fashion world, and wishing him all the best and successful year 2023.

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