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  • January 6, 2023
  • Sultan Khan
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If you are a fashion business owner CEO or brand expert then I am sure you understand the importance of brand positioning & consistency in the market. Hence, Appointing a brand ambassador plays a major role in marketing as well as in tripling your revenue.

How To Recruit Brand Ambassadors?

But in such case the mistakes of judgment can lead you towards a big downfall and also slow down your market brand value. I am pretty sure that every time when it comes to discuss about your brand ambassador, your brand manager and team will suggest you to go with top social media influencers or someone who has a huge following on the internet and his name is acting as a keyword or someone who has a high engagement, such decisions can lead you to big financial trouble and can also affect the cash flow of your business.

Remember that UNO & UNICEF never appointment SHAH RUKH KHAN, KIM KARDARSHIAN, TOM CRUISE, or LEONARDO DI CAPRIO as a brand ambassador or representative even google uses them to explain traffic metrics. Today we raise the question of UNO’s credibility but when we see UNO signs anywhere in the world we realize that things are going to be okay with peaceful discussion and negotiation.


Because of the clean image of UNO & UNICEF.

Here, I’m not asking you to hire someone like UNO but if you are in the fashion business and you are new with funds then play carefully and do 200% analysis before appointing any brand ambassador for your business because the end your brand image will demostrate your products everywhere and in the beginning your position will help you in growth.

Your brand ambassador will play the role of your business image and will become the voice of your brand. Hence, in the beginning, you need a person with a CLEAN image.

Wait a second!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I asking you to appoint Jesus??????????????????


“Because even a person with many criminal cases is not a criminal and it is also possible that the person is innocent and does the most charitable work in the world, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo“.

Let’s not make it complicated and share your check list to appoint a brand ambassador for your fashion business marketing;

PERSONALITY ANALYSIS: In this process, you need to make a list of your choices from entertainment or online world and also from niche guidelines, for example, if you are working in nutrition and supplements then your niche option is from sports and fitness industry, collect names and ask your team to do online research

  • Check your background and try to find out the emotions that your brand can relate.
  • Check offline engagement of personality, if he/she is only social media bird then without any hesitation DELETE the name from your list.
  • Check past associated brand endorsements and results, for example, if the personality was engaged with the PETA awareness campaign then you shouldn’t ask him/her to be a part of KFC.
  • Check the personality’s net worth and try to understand how much time he/she would be able to invest in your brand in return.

BRAND AMBASSADOR IMAGE: In this process, you need to understand how the personality is connected with social causes and his/her offline timeline and get a clear idea, is that personality is a party brat or society-loving person with a presence-friendly appearance who doesn’t require a script for a teleprompter to speak in front of the crowd.

  • Check the internet search volume & also do check with the PR & news websites, and social media engagement.
  • Must engaged with social causes and charity works because this is an ideal way for your brand to get all the goodwill and fame it deserves.
  • What kind of jobs, endorsements, brands he/she has already declined and accepted. That’s an ideal way to understand the mind-map of personality because If you are a fashion brand that deals in leather and your chosen personality is an animal-lover then I am sure you are creating hell for your brand. For example; Akshay Kumar in Bollywood was famous for his health awareness campaign but recently he worked with tobacco-based products, the actor also promotes healthy living without protein powder but did a campaign with Horlicks Men Protein. Although later he apologized.

“Such stunts can hurt your fashion brand badly”

  • Check political & social impact of the personality. We are not targeting legend Akshay Kumar but what he did in the world of advertising and marketing is a great lesson for all of us; the best example is from his last year flopped movies, samrat prithivi raj, during the promotion, the actor said Bollywood is only making movies on Muslim & Mughal Kings and even in school Hindu king syllabi are very less but in reality, the early & mid history syllabus is dedicated to true Indian history with numerous Hindu kings. After such baseless comments The actor has received several criticisms from top university professors and historians. as showing in below twieets;
  • The words of your chosen personality matter. So always try to judge personality by presence of mind more than words. For example; Shah Rukh Khan, who has received tones of criticism during the Aryan khan controversy in drug case, but He remains silent and later all the cases come out in reality and are found to be false as all were planning against his son. Today SRK is brand himself.

BRAND AMBASSADOR PERSONALITY: In this phase, try to relate your chosen personality as fit as your brand is for the users. For example; golden boy Neeraj Chopra is a Javelin Olympic champion sure he is a fit person for the strength & sports brand.

  • Get a concreate answer. Why you need him/her for your brand? because an actor like Tom Cruise can perform stunts without duplicate but selecting Dwayne Johnson for plant based protein brand endorsment can actually create humour not profit.
  • Check his/her all from past to present endorsment list and make sure that your brand is getting the right placement as unique and new as it will motivate your brand ambassador to invest more time in the brand.
  • Check previous brand feedback.

BRAND AMBASSADOR IDENTIFICATION: This phase may look similar like personality analysis but You need to work on this with real numbers.

  • Try to find out his/her all his business deals and investments and make sure you have a clear idea that this person can really work with you for practical reasons like growth in life & wealth. If that person is in his comfort zone with luxury then I am sure it will be difficult for you to deal with him/her.
  • Check, if he/she was connected with your past competitors and try to figure-out why the brand is no longer associated with him/her. And act accordingly.
  • Understand his background and try relate your brand with him/her, if you are doing female product fashion marketing campaign then you can work with Sonam Kapoor or Kareena Kapoor Khan but not with kangana.
  • Make sure the person doesn’t have any legal restrictions or obligations that could affect your brand promotion, for example; Cristiano Ronaldo is banned to play the first two matches with the club Al-Nasser.

We hope our check-list will help you in finding your dream brand ambassador for your brand.

All the best.

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