Odds & Even of SHAH RUKH KHAN 2022 and Quick flash-back

“The year is sliding like snow and we can’t turn of our eyes from the KING of BOLLYWOOD or KHAN KHAN

Zero, directed by Aanand L. Rai, starred Shah Rukh Khan in the lead role in 2018. He appeared alongside Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma on screen. The movie didn’t work as a magical experience despite numerous promotional campaigns. After that actor decided to take a break but due to covid pandemic it went too long. But the chrisma of SRK never went off from the sky of media and stay in trend due to many reasons and stay in media and buzz due to his upcoming top three movies of 2023, Pathaan, Jawan & Dunki.

Two of Shah Rukh Khan’s films reached distinct milestones prior to the next year. Don completed 16 years, whereas Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge completed 27 years on October 20. He celebrated all his anniversary by taking rest, focusing on health & by doing cameo in movies like Lal singh chaddah, Rocketry & Brahmastra and of course loved by viewers.

However! Even the most loving person has to face hatred, sometimes because of success & jealousy and sometimes due to political & social environment.


Till the evening of 31st December we can see the hatred of certain people against Shahrukh khan in India but he is the same person who say’s “JITNI PYAAR MUJHE BHARAT IS MILA HAI UTNA KISI AUR DESH SE NAHI”, the current social & political strategy of the right wing is targeting famous personalities and influencers. Hence, Shahrukh Khan is always in the priority.

But Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does it change his name, fame, success or anything in life?

Well the answer is simply BIG NO.

Instead of any negativity, it adds an extra milestone to his success and fame.

There are many stories that we can mention here that how he was attacked and not only managed to survive but also came out as a clean, successful and inspiring personality.

For example: Fake drug case on his son Aryan Khan, later his son got clean sheet and Narcotics Officer got suspended. Shah Rukh Khan latest movie song got boycott trend on twitter for hurting religious sentiment because Deepika Padukone wore orange color bikini (she also wore seven different colors).

Shahrukh khan never said anything against anyone and keeping quiet and showing his silence is his strength. He is true example of “WORK HARD IN SILENCE LET SUCCESS MAKE NOISE”

  1. At the end we can see that even after spreading fake news by the paid media houses against him today is he is marked as most influenced personality in the world by magazines.
  2. He is Brand ambassador of Dubai
  3. Holding endorsement of Pepsi, Whirlpool, Nokia, Tag Heuer, Dish TV, LUX, Denver, Airtel, and now with Hotstar, many other learning & gaming apps etc.
  4. His song “Besharam Rang” crossed 100 million in few days.
  5. Also launched his movie in FIFA world cup

& Many more.

Covering-up everything, he is trying to save bollywood & Indian film industry by his upcoming movie Pathaan.

He went on to say that all Bollywood needs is one big hit, and he wondered if Pathaan would save Hindi cinema.

He continued, “There have been times not too long ago when we’ve set the table down and thought, ‘How are they doing it?'” How does Hindi cinema solve this problem? How do they open up to such vast international markets? And that was relatively recent. I am not referring to the medieval period.

Thus, I truly believe that this is a phase. One major hit will occur, possibly Pathaan. I am familiar with the filmmakers behind some of the more recent films currently showing in theaters. Some of them really catch your attention. It could be just one big movie followed by another big movie, and the story will change completely.

The movie Pathaan, which stars Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, is set to come out on December 25. Since the movie’s first song, “Besharam Rang,” was released earlier this week, it has sparked controversy. A portion of the audience criticized the song illogically, which featured the two lead actors, for being “provocative.”

Despite all these controversies, Shah Rukh Khan knows how to remain calm and cool like Captain Cool.

He positively intract with fans on twitter as #asksrk and gives funny & weird replies.


That’s all from us and we wish him a very Happy New Year 2023 and lots of success

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