Nepotism in bollywood
  • January 27, 2023
  • Sultan Khan
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Bollywood has always loved the children of famous people. In 2022, the internet reduced them to one little word “Nepotism“.

What Is a ‘Nepotism Baby’?

But Why did the word nepotism become famous? and why is it trending?

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If you are the 80s or 90s kid and loved Kapoors & Kumar’s generation then you witnessed more expansion of Kapoors in today’s Bollywood. You were Bollywood loving audience who compares today’s actors with Shammi Kapoor, Rishi Kapoor, and Raj Kapoor and you also appreciated the acting of Ranbir Kapoor after watching his Barfi but one day in the morning you were scrolling Instagram, watching Google news feeds peacefully in the toilet and decided to hate Bollywood because of NEPOTISM.

Why? What happens suddenly? did you learn something new? or find new grammar meanings and comparisons?

Favoritism, Cronyism, and Nepotism

I want you to collect all your thoughts and reconsider with neutrality! and By examining both sides of the coin, understand not only the meaning but also the effect of nepotism in society.

Because we truly believe that by keeping nepotism in your mind you have deviated from the real issues and even from the directory. Let us first understand the real meaning of those words;

Favoritism is the act of showing partiality to a person, not based on their performance, but rather due to their membership in a certain group, personal preferences, etc. This can manifest in hiring practices, promotions, or awarding contracts. A similar concept is patronage, which involves giving government jobs to individuals who have helped in the election of the appointing official.

Cronyism is a more specific form of favoritism, referring to partiality towards friends and associates. Cronyism refers to the practice of showing favoritism to friends and associates, often within a closed network of insiders. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.” Cronyism is often associated with the “good ol’ boy” mentality, where individuals in positions of power grant favor to those in their inner circle.

& now the cherry on top, your dilemma of NEPOTISM

Nepotism is an even narrower form of favoritism. Coming from the Italian word for nephew, it covers favoritism to members of the family. Both nepotism and cronyism are often at work when political parties recruit candidates for public office.

ok, let’s keep it easy!

Nepotism is all about showing flexibility or supporting someone by ignoring others!

Well, I wanna ask you!

Have you ever told your father that I don’t want your property as it is nepotism please donate it to some needy or orphanage?


ok, let me make it easy for you!

Have you ever refused to help your friend or family member saying that it would be nepotism if you do? So, you are going to find the right person who needs my help or support!



Because you always want to help your friends, and family by giving priority and sometimes even before they ask, because you are a good friend, a good family member but let me tell you the naked truth that it is nepotism and it is natural. I really love the comment of Aamir Khan on nepotism in conversation with Karan Johar in “Coffee With Karan”

Addressing the press, he said, “What does nepotism mean really? It’s a very natural human tendency… you are asking me in general? Not specific to the issue right? I think it’s human nature to love and help the people you care for. It’s a very natural thing. It can be someone who is a part of your family or someone you deeply care for.”

But how the media reflects and portrays the actors’ comments in a different angel is some really weird and stupid stuff, for example; the recent article by Mensxp as “6 Extremely Arrogant & Entitled Statements By B’Wood Star Kids That’ll Trigger Boycott Gang

Well here we are not supporting these kids, you can check our article on nepo kids and bollywood award shows but We are trying to make it right as the responsibility of the media.

Let’s take a U-turn and check on the internet about the media response to Alia & Ranbir’s first child

Times of India : NDTV : REPUBLIC Bharat (banana) : Economic Times : The Indian Express : INDIA TODAY

Well, these are the same media houses who were running a media trial against Alia Bhatt as nepo kid after Sushant singh rajput death, Keep your negative thoughts aside and remember this is a media game of content and tendency to give you negativity because hate speech and negativity in social media and society generate more revenue and attention, leading to TRP’s game.

So, our question was that “How a Nepo Baby Is Born?”

& the answer is that; The process of a child is created by god and is a natural method like other human reproduction but it is the media houses that make the child famous even before it is born or dying to check how Taimur looks in potty; tweet by “Manisha Pande

And these media houses want you to hate star kids by calling them the product of nepotism!

Primarily it is media & secondary it is you, me, and hum who creates them and later call them nepotism. Now it is up to you how you see this situation either you accept that you are responsible for this and created them or accept that nepotism is natural. Also, accept your family property with the title of proud nepotism, and that’s alright.

Nepotism is everywhere on this planet, even in the government, politics, Hollywood in, CANADA, USA, UK.

Nepotism in politics & Government; You can make fun of Rahul Gandhi but you have to accept that nepotism in the Gandhi family brought some great leaders like Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. In Canada Justin Trudeau the son of Pierre Trudeau the Former Prime Minister of Canada.

Nepotism in Hollywood; In 2022, a major conspiracy was uncovered on the internet: many of the top players in Hollywood were related to one another and had been using their family connections to further their careers. The hit show “Euphoria” was created by the son of a well-known director and featured the daughter of another notable figure in the industry. Many up-and-coming actors and artists had famous parents and looked similar to them. Even minor characters on popular shows were revealed to have connections to the entertainment industry. The term “nepo baby” was coined to describe the children of celebrities and became a popular topic on social media platforms. TikTok users created content exposing the connections of various individuals in the industry and called for celebrity parents to keep their children humble.

Like psoriasis, the label was something you were born with, and those who had it found it, sometimes it is a privilege sometimes it is irritating.

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was the industry’s original nepo (nepotism) baby, as the son of Douglas Fairbanks Sr. and stepson of Mary Pickford, who was famous in the 1920s. Paramount signed him to a $1,000-a-week contract at the age of 13, trying to make him a star. Although he never reached his father’s level of success, he had a long career, was briefly married to Joan Crawford, and seemed content with his station in life. He may have avoided the backlash that many nepo babies face today, though it is possible that there were negative comments about him at the time.

Nepotism in You as a Student: You wanted to be appreciated by your teachers and everyone even if you didn’t have an A grade on the mark sheet and that’s totally okay.

But today society is even more critical towards the underprivileged community because we want the sewer cleaner’s son to get the same job in the future without having to acknowledge the existence of his family or life as a part of society.

When you talk about nepotism, you should also talk about inequality and the failure of society, not just for Bollywood but for your society’s development and betterment.

What do favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism have to do with ethics?

“Fairness is a key concept in ethics. Aristotle said, ‘Treat equals equally and unequal unequally.’ Favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism go against fairness by giving an unfair advantage to some. In the public sphere, these practices harm the common good. Hiring based on connections rather than qualifications can lead to poor service to the public. Also, favoritism often happens covertly, which harms transparency in government hiring and contracting.”

I can accept Karan Johar’s choice of Ananya Panday for the Koffee With Karan episode but Filmfare’s choice as Best Female Debut is not acceptable, and it becomes more toxic when you watch this at home and later believe in the nepotism debate.

What ethical dilemmas do favoritism, cronyism, and nepotism present?

For sure the strongest dilemma presented by favoritism is that, under some other names, few people see it as a problem. Connections, networking, family-almost everyone has drawn on these sources of support in job hunting in the private spheres or getting a chance in bollywood or hollywood but favoritism is the same parallel of naturality.

Cronyism and nepotism are commonly accepted practices more in politics then bollywood and hollywood, as demonstrated examples such as John F. Kennedy appointing his brother Robert as attorney general. Many presidents, governors, and mayors appoint friends and family to key positions in their administration. This is often done due to their loyalty and the officeholder’s knowledge of their strengths. Even in India the home minister, Amit Shah appinted his son Jay Shah as Secretary of Board of Control for Cricket in India

So what’s the problem with Nepotism?

The first cancer bacteria is media that serves nepotism as poison for us and divert our mind from real issues, and the second is you, me aur hum who prefer this kind of content and scroll in the bathroom, the third is the platforms Instagram, Google, Facebook, YouTube or simply your smartphone that serves content without justification or authenticity.

For example in Indian parliament or for cabinet-level positions, an executive or MLA & MP will probably be drawn to experienced, qualified candidates, but historically, the lower down the ladder, the more likely for someone’s brother-in-law to be slipped into a job for which he is not qualified, according to BOOM LIVE and Association of Democratic Reforms 17th Lok Sabha: Highest Number Of MPs Facing Criminal Charges Since 2004 and not nepotism but they are product of our favoritism and elected by YOU, ME, aur HUM.

Rise of MPs with criminal charges – from 14th to 17th Lok Sabha

Courtesy by

Also in America; The American Civil Service Act was passed in 1883 to prevent the appointment of unqualified individuals to government positions based on their political support. Nepotism and cronyism weaken public faith in government and can lower morale among government employees. 19 state legislatures have enacted laws against nepotism. Public officials should be aware that the appearance of favoritism and influence from personal relationships can be a problem, and they should take steps to ensure they hear all sides of an issue and consider recusing themselves from decisions where personal relationships may have an influence.

So What is the Solution to Nepotism?

Answer: First, nepotism is not a problem that required a solution, it is natural and you have to accept it. The main problem is injustice with a potential person while having enough resources, for example; I can accept Sourav Ganguly as President of BCCI but Jay Shah as secretary is hard to digest. Well, dirty politics snatched the position of Sourav Ganguly position from BBCI.

Second, avoid diversion from main topics and focus on reducing content from TV, avoid suggested content, control your screen timing, and learn the real meaning of nepotism or favoritism, or cronyism.

Third, Avoid being reactive or asking for a reaction from Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities and actors, calculate your own thoughts, do research, and find out facts.

Fourth: Stop sharing anything or everything on WhatsApp, Twitter, or YouTube, do your research before sharing such controversial content, and ask yourself if you really need to share it.

We hope our 4 pillars will help you find true peace of mind.

editorial coordination: Nizam Ali.

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