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“In our previous article, we discussed the difference between marketing & advertising by sharing tips on fashion business marketing. Now beinghe will reveal to you some secrets of fashion brand advertising, which will help in the branding and advertising process”.

Well, we want to clarify that fashion business marketing, advertising, and branding, are all separate parts and processes that require different expertise and timelines in fashion project management. Hence do not get confused between branding & advertising, We will explain the branding process in our upcoming article, now let’s zoom in on the process of fashion business advertising and understand how it differs from marketing.

Fashion advertising or advertising is all about showcasing your ready-to-sell product in front of the right consumers, suppliers, and vendors. The market research or marketing data will give an idea to plan your advertising campaign, Before reading this, be sure to read our article on How to Market a Fashion Business?, in marketing you learned to understand your product placement and quality, quantity now let’s catch your list for advertising them;

Before you focus on online or offline sale’s, first let’s complete the product visibility by presenting it to your consumers. To do this job quickly you need to understand! What is Fast Fashion?

  1. Fast fashion: it is all about circulating your ready designs quickly from the ramp walk to seller stores or to buyers by taking advantage of trends & seasons. The design collections are often based on styles presented at Fashion Week runway shows or worn by models or celebrities, Fast fashion is a guide to mainstream consumers to purchase the hot new look or the next big thing at an affordable price in the market. For example; H&M, ZARA, GAP, and Fashion Nova. Hence, if you are into a D2C fashion business or manufacturer of any fashion clothing brand Make sure you organize your catwalk shows and invite all fashion direct and positive contacts, who make your collections viral & offer better placement in the market.

2. Social Media: The power of social media in fashion advertising is phenomenal and always helps in tripling your numbers, especially Instagram. Let’s take a look at Fashion Nova social media presence and justify the importance of social media platforms;

Such huge follwers and engagement can boost your fashion advertising and sale like rocket, but always deploy your social media with the right professionals who understand the importance of your brand and target consumers. Even if you are an over-funded organization, make sure you know your market and how to start your fashion business marketing campaign. Such ultra fast fashion brand launch almost 600 design collections every week, with 20 million plus followers on instagram fashionnova is leading in-terms of engagement.

According to 2018 research FashionNova was most searched brand on Google and according to our research on in December 2022 brand has 11.5 Million visits and 5.3 Million Unique visitors;

However, other brands like ZARA and H&M are performing even better. We will add our research in next article.

Remember, If you are planning to implement your social media marketing campaign to get more sales or brand awareness, make sure you add influencer marketing for your fashion brand, which can boost your organic marketing exponentially. And sometimes can be better than other sales and conversion campaigns, and must keep the data and start your re-marketing campiagn.

3. Guerrilla Marketing: Staying on social media is like cake in a store but actually being social is truly a bite in the mouth. According to our latest research the impact of guerrilla marketing on consumer perception can improve your brand consideration. Guerrilla marketing is actually a way to connect your brand or product to real life and publicly display it to buyers, for example dior and louis vuitton Guerrilla marketing;

4. Emotional Marketing: We developed this term to explain the importance of emotions in marketing and specially when you needs to connect your buyers online as well as offline, check our points and implement in your advertising;

  • Tell A Story: Yes, it is important as it creates a clear path in your buyer’s mind and makes them remember your brand. According to human psychology, man remains an emotion, not a product. Hence, If this is your start, create your story and tell everyone about your brand. Create a story that connects to your consumers’ lives and purpose. For example, Live’s & Nike; Levi’s campaign with Jeden Smith Levi’s® Launches “Buy Better, Wear Longer” Campaign, in this campaign brand tries to connect with environmental sustainability awareness.

Nike Flyknit is a lightweight fabric precision-engineered with an average of 60% less waste than in traditional footwear upper manufacturing. Each shoe upper made from Flyknit contains 6–7 plastic bottles

By buying such brands, consumers feel emotionally that they are adding goodness to environmental protection and sustainability, and they buy more. This is the power of emotional marketing.

If you are planning your emotional marketing then make sure you create visual and motion contents as well as press releases, and Do it with the full potential of social media and display networks.

5. Make It Easy: Yes, make it easy but impactful, if you are planning your fashion advertising campaign then make sure you “Describe your brand & campaign in 3 words or even less” For example; “NIKE – Just Do it” “ZARA – Love Your Curves.” According to our research, Brands attract more attention if they describe their brand in a simple way. check below data;

The way Puma describes itself, it’s hard for consumers to consume because it sounds a bit cocky.

6. Team Work Dream Work: You can get instant thousand of view by buring your dollars on your digital marketing campaign, create your avengers who knows how to create marvelous impact with an idea, knows content value and organic strategy. You’ll need to make a great impression with your branding and advertising process, paid or organic When starting your own label from scratch, you’ll need to do it in a luxurious way, and only experienced team will be able to deliver that impact for you.

7. I’m Free: Offer free stuff with your products, we are not asking you to start buy 1 get 1 offer but If you have decided that you want luxury people for your brand then you should offer a free consultation with your products, before the sale.

  • Suppose you are launching cosmetic & beauty care product then you have one option to start awareness + consideration + conversion campaigns but Another effective option is to set up your own small stall or booth in a public mall and offer free trials and invite visitors to check and share feedback about the product as well as offer product customization. I’m sure the second option will be more practical and result oritented because it will give you option to attract the audience in various of way. Leverage your free tools.

8. Organic & digital: I am sure you must have read the information many times but here we want you to understand the importance of an integrated plan which ties it all together and follows a well researched calendar. Here we are taking about organic digital marketing strategy for your fashion brand.

“Yes, We are talking about SEO + E-mail Marketing + Social Media + Blog writing”

But the main question is how?, We don’t want to make our article the lengthy or the same old toilet cleaning tissue. So, we will cover the topic in few lines.

  • SEO for fashion adverstising: Remember, it is organic process. Hence, plan properly and keep patience, select your top 5 competitors and check all web metrics like;
    • Keywords density in website
    • Number of main topics & sub
    • Connected Do follow & No follow links from the website to all paid & free directories & bookmarks
    • Paid + Free press release networks
    • Linking keywords in & out
    • Consistency of blogs
    • Make your strategy is like you select ingredients for your sunday dish.
  • Blogs for fashion: Blogs are always an effective way to communicate with a good audience, and writing style always matters. So, when you are copying the topic make sure you put extra effort in updating the article with your knowledge and touch and make it unique.
  • E-mail Marketing for fashion: Before you start your e-mail stunts, please read our article on Fashion Newsletter. Remember, you no required to write new bible or vedas for your e-mail marketing, use your blogs topic in e-mail marketing and get quality traffic for your website, Make sure your website subscribers always get your e-mail newsletter of website blog updates and product notifications. Always check Open rate + click + unopen and do your next campaign accordingly.
  • Social media advertising: You can always follow the trend and upload whatever is happening on the internet but keep following your calendar theme and content as updated and mentioned in your blog, e-mails and SEO. This integration will generate the high quality traffic for your advertising campaign. 1 calendar for all 4.

9. Influencer marketing: Yes, we totally understand your irritation by reading this term influencer marketing again & again but today power of influencers are leading the advertising circus in every industry and segments and in fashion it cherry for your cake, oh yes sometimes it is chocolate and cream. If you are planning your fashion advertising campaign to generate sales, you should always start the campaign with top user engagement influencers from the fashion industry, for example; if you have audience in Dubai, UAE then try Khalidalameri farhanabodi, If you see in India, every second person is a social media influencer. So, make sure you check all the insight data and past records of the influencer before signing the contract, Tap into influencer power with consistency.

10. Old is gold: Remember, that traditional & semi-Traditional advertising is still a formidable rock mountain when it comes to attracting an audience quickly; For example, Bill Board, Hall screen, Lift screen, city radio, daily circulation and magazines for the advertisement. According to our research in United Arab Emirates, Spending in the traditional TV advertising segment is estimated to reach US$51.17m in 2023. In the USA, spending in the Traditional TV Advertising segment is projected to reach US$61.04bn in 2023, and in India, Ad spending in the Traditional TV Advertising segment is projected to reach US$3.68bn in 2023, but will not suggest you to spend maximum amount on TV segment, the best options are; Boards, Digital screen, lift ads and circulations.

11. Integrated paid internet advertising campaign or Digital marketing: In this step you need to distribute your budget amount among the channels like an artist.

Google 25% Social Media 25% Press release 5% Influencer 20% E-mail marketing 5% Traditional ads 10%

GoogleSocial MediaInfluencerE-mail marketingTraditional adsPress Release

You can rely on freshers who have the confidence to deliver results with organic strategy followed by marketing strategist and project managers, but when it comes to launching paid advertising campaigns, make sure you hire only experienced professionals for each channel. Hire candidates who know the importance of your plans and share a strong team building bond.

12. Pixels & Cookies: Understand the importance of tracking pixel and cookie in fashion advertising, store as much data as you can, and plan your remarketing campaign professionally, also use the stored data in the next campaign. Hire one data specialist for this job. Always follow your data.

13. Three click policy: Make sure your website is well defined and follows UI & UX policy and serve visitors with a beautiful customer experience journey. Three click means; From advertising to Landing page > clicked on product > click on Buy now. Try to make the journey easy. Your website should follow all the modern technologies that collect users details with auto-fill from browser, detect GPS location address.

14. Fashion Advertising Copywriting: fashion Copywriting can boost your conversion in advertising, understand how to craft compelling copy for your fashion brand advertising by using the following power & emotional Words that can touch the consumer. If you are fresher or working without a fashion copywriter then try AI for copywriting and put your touch in the lines.

15. Consistency matters: Keep rotating your advertising campaign with data and target all the visitors and work on new ideas, keep consistency with your advertising campaign and target new users. Your consistency will convert visitor into user and user into customer.

16. Fashion Retention advertising: Let’s understand the retention marketing with example;

Advertising campaign DAY 01: Visitor Checking platform; Channel: desktop, website
Advertising campaign DAY 02: Surfing social media; Channel: phone, social media app
Advertising campaign DAY 02: App link in ad; Channel: phone, official app
Advertising campaign DAY 02: Explore options; Channel: phone, official app
Advertising campaign DAY 02: Signs up for offers and newsletter; Channel: phone, official app
Advertising campaign DAY 03: Discounts on first purchase; Channel: desktop, email
Advertising campaign DAY 03: Purchased product; Channel: desktop, website
Final Purchased took 3 days.

In short, retention marketing focuses on repeat sessions from past customers. The main goal of retention advertising is to make repeat customers purchase & session more frequently and with larger order value, maximizing the lifetime value of your customers.

17. AND PROMPT: Even after deploying everything, call for a brief discussion on your fashion advertising project do brainstorm like a common person and try to figure out mistakes, guess chances to work on add-on

Conclusion: Advertsing first phase is all about increasing visibility of your product/brand and platforms with digital and semi-digital. By adding paid & organic campaigns that works with high quality data & contents, and also requires healthy budget and smart distribution with channels.

We hope that our article will help you find the right strategy for your fashion brand advertising campaign.

All the best.

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