• October 2, 2023
  • Sultan Khan
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Just stop oil: all you need to know about

What is just stop oil protest?

Just Stop Oil is an organized body of people from the UK, London who are raising a serious ban on OIL, GAS, and COAL. The base demand is immediate action to reduce the demand for fossil fuel energy, well practically difficult because if we rethink how we will replace the current energy sources then it will take time to develop alternative sources which will be free from carbon in use and production.

Just stop oil: all you need to know about

Is the protest going too far and exceeding its limits?

Well, we are not judging the protesters right but something similar happened during the protest and in every protest.

In reality, the protesters don’t care or take the authority’s permission before the protest and the JUST STOP OIL protestors even select appropriate areas for the protest like outside of court or parliament or any specific place where they don’t become a reason for chaos. JUST STOP OIL shows they are doing peaceful protest but actually, they create insane disturbances and unreset situations for the common people.

The negative impact of JUST STOP OIL PROTEST:

These are a few points I’m writing, but there are many incidents, and witnesses are available. In some situations, protesters face strong reactions for provoking such incidents, which is obviously a factor contributing to such chaos as reaction.

But our question is,

Is JUST STOP OIL protest practical & logical?

Without any doubt, NO!

A big NO.

Because “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, but the ‘JUST STOP OIL’ protesters don’t seem to care about medical emergencies or any kind of emergency that could harm or even kill someone or cause greater harm common person.

On moral grounds this protest is STUP!D, and practically impossible.

  • Protesters holding peppers that come from a tree.
  • Holding banners with sticks that come from a tree.
  • Wearing modern clothes that come from factories that generate carbon.
  • Even the food they eat is causing carbon generation.


“Go to a jungle, wear clothes made from leaves, or stay naked because making leaf clothes requires cutting down trees. Then come back to the streets and protest.”

Wait a minute!

Are you wearing environment-friendly apparel? or using eco-friendly materials?

“In practical terms, the demand for eco-friendly materials in apparel is lower, which means it is more expensive.”

So, I’m gonna ask you!

Who is Funding you?

Who funds Just Stop Oil?

Just Stop Oil group says the majority of its funding comes from the Climate Emergency Fund and crowdfunding sources available on the website. The main fund, founded by fossil fuel heiress Aileen Getty, says it gave $4.5million (£3.5million) in grants to different organizations in 2022. She said that when her family sold its fossil fuel business she decided: “I instead vowed to use my resources to take every means to protect life on Earth.”Donations also come from individuals, including British clean energy entrepreneur Dale Vince.

Hold on!

Who is Dale Vince?

Dale Vince is a clean energy company founder named “Ecotricity”. Mr. Vince, the aim of the company is to promote clean energy and the end of fossil fuel. Ah, that’s great, but wait what is the cost of the novel changes?

How much Ecotricity cost? is it expensive?

We tried to check the cost of this eco-friendly electricity but there is no to-the-point answer. Hence, we checked the consumer bills shared on the internet, and it is SUPER EXPENSIVE!

  • User of Ecotricity Kirsten Downer says her bill increased by 40%.
  • It is rising by £480.
  • Annually £2,362.

So, I’m gonna ask you, do you believe that a common person in UK can afford this?

Check the article here: I got a green deal. Courtesy The Guardian!

Well, in short!

“A capitalist is promoting protest to promote business promotion”

What is the solution?

Dear JUST STOP OIL people,

You have the right to protest against the cruelty of the environment, but in a way that creates an impact and doesn’t cause harm to common people’s lives, if anyone is dying because of your protest then your protest is nothing but an act of crime and propaganda.

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