matto ki saikil

If get 96 minutes free time in day then movie Matto Ki Saikil deserves your attention directed by M. Gani lead by Prakash Jha as Matto Pal on Amazon Prime.

Prakash Jha has done several movies as a director and also as strong supportive actor, from Jai Gangajal as corrupt officer and then his lead as Matto pal in the movie Matto Ki Saikil is showing story of a ‘Belder’ from a village near mathura, where village is divided into lower caste & upper caste, matto is a daily wage construction labourer whose life is synonymous with his 20 years old bicycle. Matto Ki Saikil is the reflection of daily struggle to meet day end and director has done justice by selecting prakash Jha as a matto, Our eyes did not move away from the screen even for a minute, every other expression of Prakash Jha is nothing but a strong witness to the interpretation of justice with art, acting and character.

Prakash Jha as Matto Pal’s struggle from the old to the new cycle is a pure act of persistence and a way of keeping alive the meaning of the story and the cast in Indian cinema.

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