Ashraful Haque

“We might not have lost an actor like Ashraful Haque if these award shows were not there.”

If we look at the history of Indian cinema, we will find some films which have beautiful stories, beautiful acting, and heart-touching dialogues. However, we do not know why we started to criticize today’s content. I didn’t say why there was no salt but because We ate whatever was made quietly.

Because we have failed as a society.

We are ready to boycott bollywood just because of orange color bikini in the Pathaan movie songe Besharam Range but We are not ready to criticize Bollywood for the demise of talent like Ashraful Haque. By the way, our simple question is what happened after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput?

"We might not have lost an actor like Ashraful Haque if these award shows were not there."
Sushant Singh Rajput



However in the same year, Actress like “Itna Sangharsh” Ananya Pandey got Filmfare Award for Best Debut Female Actress 2020. RIP the logic but well said by;

Siddhant Chaturvedi
Siddhant Chaturvedi

The budget of such award shows is 10 times bigger than any Bollywood big budget film but our disappointment increase when actors like Ashraf ul Haq are ignored and never get any recognition from Bollywood. Add this point in your knowledge base that Ashraful Haque was an Indian actor who mainly appeared in Hindi films and was popularly known for his work in Talaash, Delhi Belly and Manjhi – The Mountain Man. He also appeared in Black Friday, Company, Deewar, Fukrey, Jungle, and Raavan. He was a graduate of the National School of Drama. YES YOU ARE READING CORRECT! HE WAS EDUCATED WELL ENOUGH TO TEACH ACTING ANY NEPO KID BECAUSE HE WAS FROM National School of Drama but not from any rich house or production house. He was a man of pure art who didn’t look as handsome as a Greek god;

Well, We’ve ZERO expectation from bollywood and society because Even an actor like Shahrukh khan has never got national award despite giving well detailed and content oriented movies like ASHOKA, SWADESH, CHAK DE INDIA, MY NAME IS KHAN, DEV DAS. Instead of appreciation today he is getting boycott for his upcoming movie Pathaan. If you do a little research on filmfare and national award winners you will not feel inappropriate because your choice is corrupt and not the authority.

Award shows are all about marketing & promotion

Nation Awards are all about favoritism or fulfillment of government campaign

Awards show lights black for actors like Ashraf ul Haq

Even the criticism is meaning-less as today’s cinema industry is a slave to box office collections, and the box office serves bread to only masala content, and by the end it is YOU-ME AUR HUM who pay for such bite.

By: Nizam Ali

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