Victoria’s Secret CEO steps down
  • January 5, 2023
  • Sultan Khan
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Victoria’s Secret & Pink Brands CEO Amy Hauk is set to step down officially, news confirmed by the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday.

| Suddeny After Less Than One Year | The last day of Amy Hauk with the company will be March 31 |

In the interim, longtime executive Martin Walters will continue in his role as CEO of Victoria’s Secret & Co.

She was working with L Brands in 2008 and with all potentiality she became CEO of the company’s Pink apparel brand in 2018 and then got promoted as the CEO of the world famous lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret last July. Most recently, in 2021, Victoria’s Secret was spun off from L Brands, which also owned Bath & Body Works, becoming a publicly traded company, the L Brand updated same on website as showing below:

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Victoria’s Secret also announced the successful acquisition of brand Adore Me, with the main objective of becoming the world’s leading consumer choice intimate apparel. The move is expected to create meaningful sales growth for the company by 2023.

brand Adore Me
brand Adore Me

The brand Victoria’s Secret also trying to get in U.S. famous swimwear brand, Frankies Bikinis by taking some stakes.

The all corporate is to brush the company and brand image, after the recent controversies for its non-inclusive campaigns. Most recently, the company also faced scrutiny over founder  Leslie Wexner’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

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