What is ‘All eyes on Rafah’? All about the viral image millions are sharing on Instagram

On 26th of may Israel again broke the international criminal law and bombed Rafah over 60 times in 48 hours after ICJ orders to halt the operation and declared Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as war criminal.

All Eyes On Rafah but Hindutva?

‘All eyes on Rafah’ image shared 44 million times on Instagram’

But politics and agenda of Hindutva?

In the entire massacre and Israel’s planned campaign to push the Palestinians out, Indian Hindutva supporters are playing a major role by trying hard to divert attention to different matters. This only reflects the sickness and hate of Hindutva for Muslims and the unconditional support of the Modi government for Israel.

all eyes on hindu pakistan

“Away from the light and fame, an IPL cricketer Rahul Tewatia shared an image on his Instagram story with the line ‘Jai Sri Ram’ and tried to divert the public’s attention from Rafah to Pakistani Hindus.”

But why this looks dirty and got hindutva support?

  1. Hindus were always suffering from the dictatorial attitude of the Pakistani government and locals. In July 2023, Nearly 150-year-old Hindu Temple demolished in Pakistan but no social media outrage happened in India.
  2. Minorities’ religious practices are still not supported by Afghanistan, but there is no social media outrage in India against the Afghan government.
  3. Kashmiri Hindus are still living in camp-like conditions as refugees and have received no support from the existing right-wing government to resettle them in Kashmir. However, there is no campaign for them by anyone in India, nor is there any social media outrage.

There are many examples where minorities and Hindus are facing discrimination both outside of India and within the country, but right-wing groups or Hindutva groups have raised no voice against it.

But why?

Because it does not support their political agenda of power, greed, and divide-and-rule policies, their blind supporters need people to troll and defame, as these actions satisfy a hateful or brainwashed mind. And it plays a major role in hiding the main issues like hunger, inflation, the crisis of democracy, jobs, etc.

So, what is the idealogy?

  1. To promote Hindutva, you must defame Muslims,
  2. Support Muslim genocide,
  3. Encourage hate against minorities,
  4. Control human rights, freedom and justice,
  5. Divide & rule by brainwashing that your culture is in danger.

Today world is watching the genocide of Palastine

The genocide and ethnic cleansing of Palestinian Muslims have been happening since 1948. From the date of the Nakba to today, the Palestinian genocide has been triggering alarms of a human rights crisis. However, the Hindutva ideology is still focused on questioning the October 7, 2023, Hamas attack on the Israeli music festival and trying hard to justify the killing of more than 34,000 innocent Palestinians and 81,777 wounded, most of whom were children, infants, and pregnant women.

Basically fasicst nerds calculation formula is;

1,139 Israeli death = 34000 Palestinians killing and 81777 Injury is ok, oh sorry and counting because Israel is not stopping his ethnic cleansing and genocide against palestine.

Whether you support the campaign or not, the fact is that the world needs to watch and document the crimes of Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a war criminal.

So I say I Support Palastine because I believe “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

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